Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rise of the Details

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Once again, a load of new information has been revealed thanks to a GameInformer (The first being Just Cause 3) front cover. Rise of the Tomb Raider, the game that everyone complained about (Due to its temporary Xbox exclusivity) after Gamescom and then forgot about, has been given the treatment this time, and it's shaping up to be a good looking game. The thing that I'm most excited about is actually the fact that the Xbox One version is being developed independently (Graphically) to the 360 version, with Crystal Dynamics at the helm on Xbox One, and Nixxes Software (Who have collaborated with Crystal Dynamics on numerous occasions, developing the PC and last-gen ports of many of their games), meaning that the Xbox One version won't have to be compromised to fit onto the 360 version.

This time, it'll be set in Siberia, giving the oppurtunity for beautiful snowy wastelands, and is searching for an ancient invisible city (Might be a bit hard to find) with her cook friend Jonah Maiava to prove that she's not crazy. See, Lara's been alienated after her last adventure, with no one believing her story, so she's setting out to prove them wrong, with the help of a new crafting mechanic that allows her to gather loot and create traps, ammo, grenades and the like in order to survive in the new dynamic environments that affect the enemies' sight and hearing depending on weather conditions.

There's also a newfound focus on hunting animals for food, a feature that was neglected in the original reboot, and they'll also be affected by the weather and day/night cycle. To be honest, I didn't really react well to this addition, since it really seems more survival-sim than Tomb Raider. I understand that Crystal Dynamics want to innovate, but they seem to be taking the franchise in a direction that really seems to be forgetting about its roots, but then again, this is a prequel, so anything goes. Maybe in the next game, Lara tires of hunting and develops a hatred of T-Rexes.

In other news, a Filipino League of Legends tournament decided to limit the number of LGBT players in a team to 1, due to them having an "unfair advantage". 


Now, I know that the ruling was recently overturned, but why on Earth would and LGBT player have an advantage? What makes them different from any other human being? They're still goddamn humans, so why do they even need a specific mention, since they're humans? This has just been a small rant, but you get the point. Even though the organisation has backpedaled, it's still a blot on their image for doing it in the first place.

Last of all, on a lighter note, my Trailer of the Day is the LEGO Jurassic World Announcement Trailer. This game was already announced ABOUT A WEEK AGO but this trailer, despite not showing any gameplay, still makes me even more excited for the game.


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