Sunday, 8 February 2015

Poll Results

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Last week, I asked you guys whether you thought that SEGA would still be making games by the end of the decade, or if they would be either a tiny publishing house or non-existent. This was after the news that SEGA would be changing their vision to PC and Mobile games, and I can also say that I kinda told you so: there is a one-touch control Sonic runner coming to mobiles, just how I predicted. 


Anyway, 66% said that SEGA would simply be obsolete come 2020, while 33% of you said that they'd still be making games. Now, this may be a little morbid (I certainly don't want this to happen) but I honestly doubt SEGA will survive the decade the way that they're going. They just need to leave Sonic alone for a while, since there's simply no way they're going to live down Sonic Boom and still create a new game. I hate to see SEGA resort to these types of games, but in a way, I'm sure we'd all have better opinions of SEGA if they go. Still, these are people with jobs, so there's no way I want my prediction to come true.

Make sure to vote in the new poll, where I ask you whether you'd like the idea of a Zelda Netflix show!

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