Sunday, 1 February 2015

Poll Results!

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Last week, I asked whether you guys were going to buy the digital edition of Dying Light, the physical edition next month or you were never going to buy it! Well, the results are in, and 100% of you said that you were waiting for the physical edition to release, and I would agree with you: it's cheaper, instantly playable and you'll know whether or not the game has longevity thanks to reviews.

I WOULD. However, I just couldn't wait for Dying Light, so I paid the extra £15 to get it a month early, and you know what? I think it was worth it. Obvious conclusions will be drawn to Dead Island, and they're acceptable: Dying Light is the game that Dead Island: Riptide should've been: it has even more outlandish weapon crafting, a day-night cycle with changing zombies, and just more detail and things to do. Sure, the parkour isn't really exciting, but it's more satisfying than mowing down dead in cars, and it's a perfect method of traversal for the steep favelas in the game's fictional city.

Make sure to vote in the next poll, where I ask you if SEGA will be making games by the end of the decade.

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