Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Homeless Online Entertainment

You now know my tactic whenever a studio shuts or changes names
So(e) the company behind the Planetside and Everquest series, Sony Online Entertainment, has been sold off to investments company Colombus Nova (Which definitely doesn't sound like an intergalactic slavery company) and have renamed themselves Daybreak Game Company, they announced on Sony's forums. Since there isn't an Adrian Chiles in sight, Daybreak (The game company) shouldn't go the way of Daybreak (The terrible ITV breakfast show).

The obvious connotations of this move? Daybreak will now be able to develop as a "multi-platform gaming company", so after they've finished their current projects, those projects being EverQuest Next, its Landmark creative tool, Planetside 2's PS4 port, and H1Z1. Since Daybreak are a primarily online-based company, I can imagine them creating an online game at some point that allows PC, Xbox One and PS4 users play together (Or perhaps porting Planetside 2 to Xbox One). Since Microsoft's Windows 10 platform is pushing for play between Xbox One and PC (And likewise with Sony) this could become a very real possibility, especially with their newfound freedom and the riches of Columbus Nova to guide them.

So, overall, I can only see good coming from this announcement, and I can't wait to see what Columbus do with Daybreak.

I've now decided to add a "Trailer of the Day" feature to the news, so today's Trailer of the Day is the PS4 announcement trailer for White Night. The minamlist art style looks beautiful, almost Unfinished Swan-esque, and the dark, noir tone looks compelling.

So what do you guys think? Are you happy that Daybreak can be left to their own devices? Tell us in the comments!

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