Wednesday, 11 February 2015


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Surprise surprise: there's something wrong with Steam! Valve sent a statement to developers (Thanks SteamDB!) encouraging them to stop offering free Steam keys as an incentive to make people vote for their games on Greenlight! In case you don't know, Greenlight is how all indie developers try to get their games on Steam by making a page that displays info about their game, leaving gamers to judge and vote. It's also the main source of the insane amount of crap that Steam holds. See if you can guess why.

Still, this new statement doesn't ban developers from doing this, it just discourages it, saying how it puts Valve "In an uncomfortable position. We do not think that these votes accurately reflect customer interest." which is totally true. I'm so glad that Valve are cracking down on this: what if a game that offers codes is absolutely terrible, yet it's enticed so many people to vote because they give away the game for free? The game goes on Steam, makes it harder for people to find a game that's actually good, and then the whole cycle starts again with other Greenlight devs. Valve also announced that they are "we are continuing to work on improving our distribution process... In the meantime, Greenlight is the system we have to work with" hopefully meaning that Valve are planning on ditching this system and clearing Steam of its backlog.

In other news, David Cameron visited Train and Flight Simulator developers Dovetail Games, presumably while delivering a "rousing" speech about how the "audio-visual game industry is giving a 1-Up to the UK economy" or something else that someone who's never played a game before would say. Still, I'd like to see him visit Positech Games to test out Democracy 3, and see how he does...

Our Trailer of the Day today (Since there isn't a "David Cameron Plays" video. Yet) is the Cities: Skylines Release Date Trailer, which actually looks pretty good. It looks easy to play and control, and there seems to be a lot of options, with mod support added in too!


So what do you guys think? Will Steam get better after Valve's statement? And are you excited for Cities: Skylines? Tell us in the comments!

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