Monday, 16 February 2015

Europeans Wiiping

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After Nintendo's TVii service was announced to launch in Europe a while ago, Nintendo have had to cancel TVii in Europe because of the "extremely complex nature of localising multiple television services across a diverse range of countries". In layman's terms, "Screw you Europe, for being so diverse and different!"

In case you somehow forgot what TVii was amid the excitement, it's a service launched by Nintendo that lets users watch network TV and services such as Netflix on their GamePad, instead of, you know, a TV or tablet. Thankfully, Nintendo recently launched an Anime Channel on their 3DS, so there's that. Europe seems to be a real problem when developers and publishers are trying to launch services (See Playstation Now) so until there's the unlikely event that a continental telecomms company in Europe, we're all stuck with late releases. Pick it up Italy

In other, happier news, an inside source (FIB ALERT) told Inside Star Wars (NON-FIB ALERT! They have a good track record!) a whole slew of info about DICE's upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game which I'm unbelievably excited and worried for, and apart from an "aggressive DLC plan" it all sounds amazing! The campaign will mostly span the original trilogy, with a couple of missions set in the prequels and before and during the opening of A Force Awakens. The Hero system comes back, allowing you to play as Sith and Jedi, and there'll be 128-player matches, plus SPACE-TO-LAND BATTLES which sound utterly insane. There's also a slight release date hint: it'll be coming out "a month or so before The Force Awakens" meaning that it should be coming out October/November time, which seems likely. More reasons to be excited!

The Trailer of the Day today is the ScreamRide Launch Trailer, despite launching in two weeks! Perhaps it's a play on words, we'll never know. It does commemorate the launch of the demo, though, which'll be launching at midnight GMT tonight, so at least we'll be able to put the hype to the test. Expect a preview!


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