Sunday, 1 February 2015

Chaos Ride: Steam Edition Mini Review

Image from Chaos Ride's Steam Page
So my good friend Scott Harber (Founder of Sc0tt Games, an up and coming Android developer that's also created Rocket Drop VR and The Ingenious Machine) has finally released his Chaos Ride mobile racing series (Which I reviewed, and gave a 5/5) on Steam as a full compendium made up of the game's 3 episodes set in different climates and areas. What's the same, though, is the exhilarating, demanding gameplay set in magnetic tubes. There's a little of Burnout's flaming wreckages and crashes, a little bit of physics and tactical gameplay, and a whole lotta speed. This may sound like a sales pitch, and it's true that I have ties to Scott, but this is my honest opinion, and when Scott sent me a code to the PC version, I was keen to see how it translated to PC.

The good thing about the PC version is that there are no graphical settings, bar resolution, meaning that it's playable on most PCs. There's also a handy tutorial that teaches you everything about the game, and each map has 4 or 5 modes to play, so there's a real sense of replayablity. Up to 4 players can play locally, which is a nice addition, though I would recommend using four controllers (Controller compatability is a nice touch, and a little better to use than the keyboard) rather than 4 people sharing a keyboard. Last of all, there's a VR mode which sounds pretty cool, but I don't have a headset, so I'm unable to test it.

Overall, the Steam Edition is a good compilation of the three games, and adds a lot of useful features. Alternate key-bindings would've been nice, but at the low, low price of £7 on Steam (£5.24 until Febraury 5th) I'd definitely recommend it.

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