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I completely forgot, but here it is: exactly 1 year and 3 weeks ago today, I launched the Gadgets and Khajiits blog, which barely anyone cared for. Now, ever so slighty more people care, and that means the world to us here. We've got so many people to thank, from press contacts to developers to other journalists and bloggers, but mostly the fan(s). To paraphrase Brick Heck from The Middle, I'm doing it for the fan.

But what am I doing for the fan today? Well, I couldn't think of anything better, so I'm about to get all Tumblr up in this and answer a reblogging-questiony-thingy. In the words of Michael Rosen, "Here goes....."

1: What is your fave game? Star Wars Battlefront II, if you somehow haven't noticed in the million times that I've said it.
2: What platform do you normally play on? PS4 usually, though if there's ever a deal on Xbox 360 I'm all over it for the next week or so, because apparently I don't know what a Steam sale is.
3: What genre is your fave? Fighting games are the craziest and best out of any games. In what other genre could you get a gorilla in spandex, except for some type of Japanese dating game?
4: Who is your favourite game character? Basically anyone from TimeSplitters ever, especially the sock puppet.
5: What do you normally play when you get home? If no one's on, I'll continue my NBA career with my personal monstrosity, but I'll usually play Dying Light or GTA V with friends.
6: Has a game changed your outlook on life? Other than GTA V shaping my music taste, no.
7: Which game do you have most hours in? Battlefront 2. I played that religiously until 2010, when I released that PS3s and Xbox 360s existed.
8: Ever fallen in love with a game character? There's a genre for that, one that I have no experience in, nor do I want to have experience in.
9: Who? I admit that the pigeons in Hatoful Boyfriend are amazing, without playing it. You didn't hear me say that.
10: What's your gaming setup like? TV, console, sofa. Am I missing something?
11: Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox? Nintendo. They're still making splitscreen, local multiplayer games, and I love them for it.
12: Does your Mii honestly represent you? No Mii could replicate my dashing looks.
13: Mario or Luigi? Go WeeGee!
14: Favourite game soundtrack? GTA V. Somehow every radio station has amazing songs.
15: Game you got stuck on most/ longest? Spider Man 2, due to those DAMN BLACK CAT LEVELS.
16: Multiplayer or Single player? Singleplayer. It usually has more things to do, unless you count COD.
17: Splitscreen, Co-op, or Solo? Co-op. I love teaming up with other people and then taking the credit.
18: Do you spend more time in sidequests than the main game? Nope, unless you count Spider Man 2. I spent ages getting balloons for children because the BLACK CAT WOULDN'T LET ME ADVANCE THE CAMPAIGN
19: Any characters you hate? BLACK CAT, even though she's technically a comic character 
20: Modern gaming or Retro? Modern, mainly because so many retro games are being made in the modern age that I can play both types.
21: Which game universe would you live in? Trials Fusion's. Everything looks so futuristic and cool.
22: Bought any game related merch? Nope.
23: Made friends through games? I've made enemies!
24: Lost friends or made enemies through games? See above.
25: Favourite game quote(s)? "GO GO LET'S GO COME ON" (Shooter Man)
26: Work first, game later? Or the other way round? Game first, game later. No work.
27: Ever cried because of a game? Valiant Hearts, mainly because there was a dog involved.
28: Do you ragequit at all/ often? Mostly NBA, if a game isn't going well (Read: all the time)
29: Favourite Pokemon? Magikarp 4 lyfe.
30: First game? Stuart Little 2. It was also the first game I screamed while playing, because of some robots that I don't want to remember.
31: One game to play for the rest of your life? Star Wars Battlefront 2. It'll never disappoint me.
32: Game + save file to leave to kids/ grandkids etc? GTA San Andreas, when the riots are going on. The most fun I've had in a game.
33: Game you want turned into a movie? Saints Row The Third. So much potential.
34: Favourite game weapon? The Penetrator from the aforementioned Saints Row 3. Pure symbolism.
35: Favourite game setting/ location? Once again, The Future from Trials Fusion. So clean.
36: Game/ level you've replayed most? Any level from The Simpsons: Hit and Run. I'll never play it again so I have good nostalgia.
37: Game you're most proud of completing? Outlast. The first Horror game I ever played, and the first I completed.
38: Do you pick armour for its looks rather than its stats? Call me Clive Tyldesley, but I love me some good stats
39: Rush or camp? I don't speek 1337.
40: Cheap tactics or tryhard? I try too hard.
41: Do you think you're good at games? Not in a million years
42: Do your friends think you're good at games? "
43: Have you ever caught all the Pokemon? "
44: Have you completed Mile High Club on veteran? "
45: Favourite easter egg? The Unicorn gun from Red Faction Armageddon. Terrible game, great easter egg.
46: First gaming platform? The PS1, which I was interested in for approximately 1 month.
47: What colour was your gameboy? Purple. Thug Life.

Thank you all so much for your support, and stay classy!

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