Thursday, 26 February 2015

Boast At What You're Good At

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Usually I try to not talk about PS4 Xbox One fights and stuff like that, but goddamn me if this isn't interesting and downright funny. Marketing research firm Nielsen surveyed tons of gamers on what last-gen consoles they own, and why they purchased their shiny new 8th gen console. The boring one comes first: the most loyal fans are Nintendo fans, with 86% of Wii U owners owning a Wii in the past. The majority of PS4 buyers were also Wii owners, while the majority of Xboners having owned a 360 in the past.

However, here's the more interesting one: the reason that people have bought their respective consoles differ hugely, and are usually based on the console's strong points: PS4 owners bought their consoles for the better resolution, which, although barely noticeable, is still a huge deal for some reason; Xbox One owners bought their consoles for the Microsoft brand name and Innovative Features such as Kinect and its future compatibly with Windows 10 devices. Wii U owners bought theirs for the fun-factor and kid-friendliness. This survey tells us that people are so loyal to their consoles that they always look at the strong points, and that's why console wars happen: people who have bought a product want to see the best in their product and only see the good points.

In other news, The Guardian reported that Google, being crazy as ever, have developed a robot that has the capability to play retro games (SENTIENCE PENDING). After being taught how to play games through an anticlimactic montage, it managed to learn 49 classic Atari games, and also managed to learn how to get the quickest times and highest scores. Cool, but creepy.

Trailer of the Day today is the PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition Announcement Trailer, which showcases the heist games' port to PS4 and Xbox One. It'll include all PC content packs, an upgrade to 1080p resolution, but no last-gen to current-gen save transfer. Still, it looks as fun as ever!


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