Monday, 5 January 2015

The Month Ahead: January 2015

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So the December drought of games is over, and now it's time to start the amazing year of 2015 with some anticipated games: we've got zombies, more zombies and Satan. What a light way to start off the year!

January 20th: Resident Evil HD
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A remaster of a remaster, Resident Evil HD offers a tasty (Like a Jill Sandwich, which has sadly been removed from Resi HD) 1080p resolution on PS4, Xbox One and PC, updated lighting and textures, throwbacks that cater to original players of the first Resi, and a distinct lack of the aforementioned human sandwich, all at a cheap £15.99 price. It offers a nice chance to catch up with Barry before he stars in next month's episodic Resident Evil Revelations 2, too.

January 23rd: Saints Row 4: Gat Out of Hell
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As if enough things haven't happened to the Saints: they've saved Earth, killed an imposter Santa and ruled the US of A. But they're still not done: the Boss has been kidnapped by Satan, who intends for him to marry his daughter, Jezebel, and it's up to Johnny Gat and Kinsie to save him by entering New Hades and using their newly gained Angelic Flight powers. There are new weapons themed on all 7 deadly sins (Lust will be interesting...) and since this is a standalone expansion, you won't need Saints Row 4 to play! Saints Row 4: Re-Elected also launches the same day, allowing PS4 and Xbox One owners to create their own monstrosity on their shiny new consoles.

January 27th: Dying Light
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Yup, more zombies, this time brought to you by the creators of Dead Island, Techland! Instead of a tropical island, Dying Light is set in the hot municipal city of Urfa, Turkey, and just like Dead Island, up to three other friends can join you, with 100+ pre-made weapons available along with a crazy crafting system that Dead Island is known for. There's a dynamic weather and day-night cycle that strengthens and weakens the zombie hordes, too, so stealth and brute force will need to be balanced in order to survive.

January 30th: Life Is Strange
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From the creators of Parisian brawler Remember Me, Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure game series that follows Maxine Caulfield, a student who has returned to her hometown of Arcadia Bay, and her best friend Chloe Price, as they investigate the disappearance of Rachel Amber, a girl that supported Chloe after her father's death. There's the usual branching dialogue options of many adventure games, but an added mechanic of rewinding time and redoing your actions, finding different consequences. Expect an intelligent and intriguing series.

Did I miss any games? Tell me in the comments!

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