Saturday, 17 January 2015

Silicon Saturday: January 17th

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It's been a busy week in tech, despite the news-machine that is CES ending last week, with the most obvious story being Google's decision to pull Glass from shelves and reshuffle its development. Still, I talked about that yesterday, so today I'll talk about the many stories I missed.

Samsung Tizen Launches In India
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After previously cancelling launches in Japan and Russia, Samsung has finally released the Z1 in India: but this time it comes stocked with its own Tizen OS, previously featured on Sammy's Gear line of smartwatches. It's available for the Rupee equivalent of £60, which means that it's well in the budget phones category. Still, it looks like a winner: despite it's low-res camera and low 480p resolution, it has two SIM slots, two cameras and (Thanks to the Tizen OS) has faster loading times, a slimmer body and a battery that can power 7 hours of video. Tizam.

Facebook Censorship
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Facebook has finally started to roll in censorship and graphic videos after years of complaints, BBC noticed. For a long time, gruesome and disturbing videos have been on Facebook, and (Especially in the last year) many unwanted videos have shown up on my timeline. Due to the automatic playing feature on Facebook, I've occasionally been subjected to disturbing stuff like this, so it's nice that Facebook are trying to prevent it by displaying warnings to anyone under 18 years old that the video contains graphic violence. If you hate this change, you're probably a Tarantino fan.

A Good Week For SpaceX
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Elon Musk has had a pretty successful life: he created PayPal, revolutionising online shopping by making it much safer, he's the CEO of Tesla, a company that's proven that electric cars can still cater to the luxury, and now his space transport company SpaceX has managed to dock its Dragon capsule at the ISS, delivering 2,300kg of cargo and marking SpaceX's first ever successful mission. Despite the Falcon rocket crashing in a test last Saturday, Dragon still managed to complete its task. Musk also tweeted that his proposed Hyperloop 700mph train transport system will most likely be tested in Texas, with another tweet suggesting that yearly pod races could be held on the track. Part of me is excited about this competition, but then again, we are edging ever closer to living in the universe of Star Wars Episode 1, which nobody wants. 


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