Saturday, 24 January 2015

Silicon Saturday: 24th January

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So now it's time for another weekend tech round-up, but without the huge Windows 10 announcements that I've already reported on this week. Still, there was a whole slew of other news this week (Including a new development in the fight between Twitter and Instagram) , starting with...

You Can't Hack A Lizard... Maybe
One page of hundreds of support ticket requests filed by LizardStresser users.
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Journalist Brian Krebs broke the news that Lizard Squad's own LizardStesser website (Used to shut down websites, as a stroppy child posing as a lizard is wont to do) was hacked, and, in an ironic fashion, revealed that it had barely any security to protect the transactions. All 14,241 user's names, passwords and transaction histories were all leaked by an anonymous hacker, making this the biggest hacking story since Dominos France got hacked and revealed some people's favorite pizza toppings.

MegaChat Dotcom
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Entrepreneur, political activist and the appeaser to the aforementioned Lizard Squad Kim Dotcom has now launched his own Skype-rivalling service Megachat, which joins his own Mega cloud service that encrypts data. Kim went bankrupt a couple of a years ago, so MegaChat could be his big break. Kim also campaigns for internet security, and has his own Internet Party, so as a result he created Megachat to offer an encrypted video service which won't be used for ANYTHING SHADY AT ALL.

Atlas (Not The Kevin Spacey One)
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Google has announced that its Atlas robot has become wireless, DARPA announced. Google's robot has had a huge update and is probably the most advanced bot we have today, and now it contains a battery pack, a crucial spec that actually makes the robot useful in real situations. It also has more advanced wrists, repositioned arms so the pilots are able to coordinate better (Don't worry, it doesn't control itself yet.) and is slightly heavier and taller. Google, being Google, also made another mark this week, helping SpaceX (Who I talked about in last week's feature) a further $1 billion with the help of a second investor, Fidelity Investments. They're impossible to hate, goddammit.

Speaking of Space Stuff...
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We've had Google's Project Loon, Facebook's, and now we have telecomms company Inmarsat launching their second internet-giving satellite, the I-5 F2. It'll be launching in a week's time on February 1st, and will bring the world one step closer to worldwide internet connectivity. This satellite will start sending L-band signals to North America and South America around the second half of 2015, with a third satellite being launched later this year.

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