Monday, 19 January 2015

Random Reviews: Saint's Row: Gat out of Hell!


Hello everyone, I’m back with another review and this time I’m reviewing the new Saints Row game Gat out of Hell! This is a new stand-alone expansion that allows you to play as the legendary (And fabulous!) Johnny Gat or the sidekick computer nerd Kinzie Kensington. As this game is new out I will try to be as spoiler free as possible.

 The Plot

The game begins with Kinzie’s birthday (Does anyone actually know how old she is?). The Saints play with a Ouija Board they found with Zinyak’s stuff. This opens a trap door to Hell that kidnaps The Boss so he can marry Satan’s daughter. Johnny and Kinzie travel to hell to rescue The Boss with help from a few new friends and old, including Shakespeare and Blackbeard. Once you have completed all loyalty missions for your team you decide to pay Satan a visit… (Not going to spoil the end for you).

The good

I really enjoyed this game. I thought that the design team has done a good job at tweaking Steelport into Hell.  Volition also did an interesting job at creating husks instead of ordinary people to walk the streets. This game also re-introduced us to flying, except instead of super powers, the Saints have angel wings. The plot of this game was also very strong and would be easy for any gamer - Saint’s Row fan or not - to understand (And enjoy!) what is going on thanks to that good old SR humour we all know and love! However, my favourite part of the game was the introduction of the 7 Deadly Sins weapons.  

These were

à      Pride: Gallows Dodger- A shotgun that can go into Overkill mode

à      Greed: Diamond Sting- An SMG that shoots diamonds.

à      Lust: Boom Chicka - A beautiful gun that brings enemies together with perfume

à      Sloth: Armchair-A-Geddon- Kill dudes from the comfort of your own home.

à      Wrath: Ark of the Covenant- Simply soul sucking goodness.

à      Gluttony: Last Supper- A frosting gun. Yummy.

à      Envy: Uriel’s Edge- A huge golden sword

The bad

This game did not have the cucustomizationevels of previous SR games, however, considering its price point (£12.00) you can’t really hold this against them. The other thing that I did not like about this game was that some of the quests did just feel like bonus missions and lacked a little substance (For example some of the loyalty quests).

The verdict

Overall I found this game to be enjoyable and it even had a few laugh out loud moments, even though I was disappointed with the lack of cucustomizationnd the tedious side quests. As a stand alone game in the Saints Row series I give this game a 7/10. This is because, even though the standard game was good, it really could have done with more quests and more interaction with my new Homies as well as some customization.

My score:


Thanks to Koch Media for the Steam review code! 

Stay tuned for another review next week. 

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