Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Poll Results!

Image from www.joystiq.com
Last week I asked you guys whether you though that Aliens Vs. Predator or Aliens: Colonial Marines was the worse game, after they were taken off of Steam at the turn of the year, and 100% of you guys said that Colonial Marines was the worst!

I fully agree with you all on this one: sure, AVP wasn't the best of games, but at least I kind of wanted to continue with it. Colonial Marines was one of the dreariest corridor shooters I've ever played, made even worse because I was actually looking forward to it! Besides a couple of cool easter eggs, it was such a boring game, so bad that it made MICHAEL GODDAMN BIEHN look like a terrible actor, the same MICHAEL GODDAMN BIEHN that starred in Aliens and Terminator.

Still, at least the bad Alien games epidemic is over thanks to Creative Assembly. Isolation was such a terrifying work of art that looked amazing graphically. It was simply what a good movie game should be.

The poll for this week is up, this time concerning whether the Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport is the better series. Vote now!

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