Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Non-Security Santa

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Ooh, Games Industry, how you spoil us!

The season of giving may be long-gone, but Sony don't care. After the hack by the Attention-Seeking Kids Foundation AKA Lizard Squad led to PSN being offline for a week or so, Sony (Having done nothing wrong) have decided to gift all PSN players 5 days of PS Plus and a 10% discount on anything in the store, effective Friday, where the code will be shown on the Playstation Store and will be mentioned on their Twitter account. 

Shuhei? I AM
Blizzard have also decided to spoil us (And by us I mean anyone who played World of Warcraft within two months of its launch, 10 years ago, and have continued to play until this day) by sending out bronze Orc Rider statues to any players that meet the criteria. To any of you dedicated people who Society may wrongly deem as "unhealthy" and "bad with money", you now have a piece of gaming history.

Still, Nintendo haven't gotten the vibe (After all, they're way too cool to ever conform) and have decided to take something from us instead: Club Nintendo, the service that's been running since 2002 that lets users collect stars that they can then buy things with off of the store. Any games coming out after April 1st (It's not a sick joke, sadly) can't be registered with Club Nintendo, and by April 20th you won't be able to register any digital games either. Come the sad day of the 30th of September, Club Nintendo will cease to exist, and all earned stars will be lost forever in time. 

The service will be replaced with a new one, mind you, and any players who sign up to it during the launch period will get Flipnote Studio 3D, an app that lets you create animations on your 3DS, for free. So they're not taking away everything, then.

So what do you think? Are you happy with Sony's gifts? Are you one of the players who will receive Blizzard's prize? And are you saddened by the loss of Club Nintendo? Tell us in the comments!

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