Friday, 16 January 2015

Google Glass My Ass

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After being banned from restaurants and cinemas, being told to "not be a Glasshole" and then going through a period where nobody cared about it, Google Glass' Explorer Edition (For software developers, trust-fund kids and journalists who got too excited) has officially been taken off of shelves for the time being as Google figures out how to make the Glass public-friendly. Also, the ongoing Glass project has been moved from Google X (Their top-secret division where they work on self-driving cars, internet provision project Project Loon and a death ray, the latter yet to be confirmed) to their Nest division, led by Tony Fadell, while current PM Ivy Ross will stay on with Glass. Since Nest have developed smarthome products, one can assume that Glass will have some sort of integration. 

But what about people and companies who've bought the Explorer edition in a haze of futuristic  fervor? Well, Google has promised to continue to support it, and will presumably keep them up to date with the latest additions that Ross and Fadell will be making. Expect leaks in the next year or so.

So why did it fail? As well as the aforementioned bans, the main reason is that it honestly doesn't look great, and therefore it's hard to imagine it integrating into society because a) for the time being, it's expensive and b) if anyone is overcome with joy and giddiness once they get their Glass, there's a possibility that they could walk into a road, forget to take it off in the car or become so overwhelmed with notifications that their brains melt.

It's why so many companies haven't rushed to make smartglasses: Google is one of the only companies that takes huge risks, and since smartglasses aren't an established market, they're all going to focus on phones and TVs. 

However, I'm not saying that smartglasses won't catch on: anything Google starts, the other tech companies usually follow, a recent example being smartwatches. Google just needs to figure out where and when Google Glass will fit into people's lives, and the tech world will follow suit.

Did any of you buy a Google Glass? Are you happy with your purchase? Tell us in the comments!

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