Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Elder Subs Offline

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Oohh, character creation sliders....

Good news for anyone who likes money, as The Elder Scrolls Offline will be dropping its subscription model... kinda. You'll still be able to pay monthly fees (Yay) for ESO Plus, which guarantees you Crowns (The game's currency) a 10% boost on all XP and other variables, and access to all of the game's DLC at no extra cost, providing you a subscribed when it's released. Still, you won't need a subscription to play the game, meaning that the game will get many more sales since people won't have to decide between subscribing to ESO and Club Penguin. You can't miss out on that stripy puffle, man.

In otehr ESO-related news, the game's PS4 and Xbox One edition will finally be hitting shelves (And hitting our monies hard) on the 9th June, pretty much a year later than it was promised. This edition will be titled ESO: Tamriel Unlimited, and you'll be able to transfer PC saved data back and forth. Why is it subtitled Tamriel Unlimited, you ask? Well, it contains the base game, and....


Still, I'm quite glad that the subscription is now optional, because that opens the game up to a much bigger audience, but still means that ZeniMax and Bethesda can still make some extra money on the side. It's a nice working alternative to games like WOW, but that doesn't mean that all subscription models are bad: WildStar does offer the ability to buy a subcription with in-game money. 

Last of all, shout to my homies at EA, holding it down, because they've made Theme Hospital free to any EA Origin players. Hopefully you can help some people who are... legally blind.


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