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There are about a million memes I could use for this, from Jimmy McMillan to Michael Scott. Still, I won't.

So Evolve's DLC plan has been announced, and it's a jungle out there. The vanilla Evolve game comes with 3 monsters, 12 maps and 12 hunters, but don't worry, it doesn't stop there! 


Firstly, all new maps will be released for free so the community isn't going to be broken up, but don't worry, spenders, because there's a whole slew of DLC to buy! The Evolve Hunting Season Pass costs £20 and contains 4 new hunters, which will be released periodically, and 3 new monster skins, which will all be available on launch day. Hmm. 

Then Behemoth, a new monster, will be launched by itself for $14.99 (No UK price) or available for  free for anyone who pre-ordered the game. Then there's the Evolve Digital Deluxe edition, which contains the game and the Hunting Season Pass, and the PC Monster Race Edi-

I couldn't resist
Really? Combine all of those editions, the ability to buy DLC by itself, Day One DLC and a load of Xbox One exclusive stuff that lets you skip PLAYING THE GAME so you can get hunters that you could already unlock. 

Now, I'm not one to usually moan at DLC, because it's optional, and in many cases (Assassin's Creed Unity recently) it's done pretty well. However, DLC done wrong (Destiny, recently) infuriates me, and having to take up a whole, lengthy post on your own website to explain how it works means that you're doing it wrong. Sure, they're trying hard to not segregate the fanbase, but it seems like they just can't wait to release the DLC. Obviously, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but that's the vibe I'm getting.

So what do you guys think? Will you be buying any Evolve DLC? Tell us in the comments!

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