Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Best of CES 2015: Part 1

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Along with IFA, CES is consistently the biggest technology show every year, with tons of companies gathering in Las Vegas to announce loads of innovative new products. Sure, phones and tablets are announced, but there's so much variety to CES, so I've decided to show you the best tech that's been announced at CES so far.

Tegra X1
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Sure, the Tegra K1 and the Shield Tablet proved that, in some cases, mobile gaming can reach the graphical heights of last generation's consoles, but the new Tegra X1 just announced by Nvidia could literally thrust mobile graphics to the high-end PC end of the scale. With DDR3 and DDR4 RAM, plus the ability to play games in 4K at 60 frames per second, this the first mobile super-processor, with most of the X1's specs doubling (And sometimes increasing five-fold) the likes of the K1's specs. Sure, it will cost a lot and will need quite a big case, but this is certainly the future of mobile gaming. I can see this being integrated into Windows phones and tablets for Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade, so you could play a game on your Xbox One, then finish it off on your Surface on the go.

Audi A7
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Sure, the Google self-driving car is cute, but it's only in the early stages and isn't even road legal. The Audi A7, on the other hand, is entirely road legal, has driven 500 miles across different terrains from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas BY ITSELF and looks beautiful to boot. Take that, panda car.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
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Alcatel has never been one to innovate, really: sure, they've made a lot of phones and smartphones, but none of them have been memorable or innovative, especially in the crowded smartphone market. However, they've managed to break into the relatively new smartwatch market, and can offer something that other companies like Motorola and LG haven't yet: a $149 price tag (Still no price for the UK yet). However, it also innovates and offers even more features: as well as the usual NFC, Bluetooth, heart rate monitor and accelerometer, it also has an altimeter, e-compass and a hidden charging slot concealed in the strap to quickly charge the 2 day battery. But the best part? It's compatible with both Android (Version 4.3 and up) and iPhone (iOS 7 or up). Alcatel have a real winner on their wrists.

Belkin WeMo Echo Series
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For years, Belkin have released a smart version of everything: plant sensors, coffee machines. But now, with their new Echo series, Belkin have created even more smart things under its new Echo line: a door sensor that automatically turns on lights when you open the door, a keychain sensor to alert when the wearer leaves and returns home, and other products, too. Still, perhaps the biggest products announced are the new Water and Power sensors. As well as calculating your bills and water/power usage, they can also somehow detect how much different appliances in the house use, so you can find the source of your inflated bills and put a stop to it.

Nyko PS4 Data Bank
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Last of all, a relatively simple gadget that is a killer app: the PS4 Data Bank. Back when the current-gen consoles released, a 500GB seemed like a lot of space for games. However, most £50 are usually around 50GB, so many players either found themselves a) deleting their games to create space, or b) replacing the hard drive. However, this new PS4 data bank replaces the original PS4 hard drive as well as adding a second, while also fitting the PS4's minimal design. No release date or price, but I'm sure that it'll be a popular product.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the best of CES, and if I missed out on any gadgets, tell me in the comments!

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