Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Peek Through The Windows

So yesterday, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 (Among other things) at a conference, and it looks pretty good. After a so-so Windows 8, Windows 10 looks like it'll be the one to convince me to upgrade from Windows 7, due to its integration across devices. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, it has a lot of great functionalities, the biggest one being the Xbox app, which (As well as allowing you to view Friends, Acheivements and the like) allows you to voice and text chat between the PC and Xbox One, GameDVR any Steam game you want, and stream Xbox One games to PC and Tablets, showing off Forza Horizon 2 as an example, and to be honest it looked pretty smooth.

Also, according to Eurogamer, Microsoft are working on streaming PC games to Xbox One to PC, which is currently working at 720p at 30fps. If Miccy Mouse can pull this off, the Xbox One could be a Steam Machine challenger.

Microsoft also announced the voice-operated helper Cortana for desktops, and tiles that can be resized to fit the start menu or take up the whole screen, as previous leaked screenshots have suggested. There's also a new browser, called Project Spartan, that lets you draw over your browser and take notes, which will be available on all platforms, and will eventually be implemented onto Xbox One. Also available on Xbox One will be most Microsoft Office apps and other first-party programs, though don't expect Excel on Xbox.


Missed opportunity, Microsoft.

Still, a big announcement that many people have anticipated ever since Sony revealed Project Morpheus is a Microsoft headset, and boy, they didn't disappointment. Still, it's not what you expected: it's actually an AR headset called the HoloLens. It's a translucent display that allows you to access apps that are shown in your world: hold Skype chats, switch between programs on your wall and even build a Minecraft world in your house. 

Microsoft have really knocked it out of the park this time, but are you impressed? Tell us in the comments!

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