Sunday, 4 January 2015


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Hi guys!

After a lengthy Christmas semi-hiatus, tomorrow sparks a new year and the official return of normal operation at Gadgets And Khajiits (And by "normal operation" I don't mean "write a terrible news article and then announce a week-long break".) I have to thank everyone who's supported us in any way last year, from the PR and Press contacts at many game companies to the many journalists and industry professionals we've interviewed, and most importantly: YOU! Without your views and comments, I wouldn't be motivated to write anymore, and it's all thanks to you that our dream is still alive. We've gone through failed YouTube channels and many different article formats together, and now it seems like we've settled. Starting tomorrow, daily news articles, features, reviews, previews and interviews will all resume, but just in case anyone has become confused over what articles there are, I'll give you a quick rundown:

Top At The Shops: Every Monday I'll run down the Top 10 best selling games on GFK Chart-Track's weekly UK chart.

Top 5 Friday: Does what it says on the metaphorical tin.

Silicon Saturday: I've realized that I'm not justifying the "Gadgets" part of "Gadgets and Khajiits" so every Saturday I'll talk about the technology news of the last week.

The Month Ahead: I take a look at the most anticipated games of the next month.

I will be doing many other one-off features, plus reviews, interviews and the like. Also, if we secure enough funds (Read: Beg for money) then we hope to start a monthly or bi-monthly podcast at some point!

I also realize that we are closing in on our 1 Year Anniversary (26th January) so expect some articles on that!

Stay classy, Sam Diegians.


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