Saturday, 28 June 2014

Top 5 Games Of June 2014!

5. Company Of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies
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Known as one of the best Real Time Strategy series of all time, the Company of Heroes line of games just got a great new standalone DLC that you can snag for a cool £10. Along with two new factions to play as, you'll get a great new feature that allows you to airdrop items and paratroopers can really turn any game on it's head. Despite having no singleplayer mode (Which is forgivable for the price) the multiplayer is really the best mode in Company of Heroes, and if you haven't had a chance to play this compelling series yet, you can't go wrong with The Western Front Armies.

4. GRID Autosport
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From a diddly Honda Civic to the lighting fast McLaren F1, GRID Autosport has obviously got you covered in the car department, and with 4K graphics on the PC (If you've got the tech), said motor-vehicles look absolutely stunning. With Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street races and vehicle types, all raceable on 22 different tracks with varied routes, there's a lot of meat in this package, so much that it's pretty much got you covered until the likes of The Crew and Driveclub come out later this year. Vrooooom.

Best Of Google I/O!

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As most of you will probably know, Google's I/O conference went on a couple of days ago, with Google announcing tons of new stuff in regards to Android, smartwatches and other cool things. Here are the best announcements!

Android L
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The first thing that strikes you about Google's new incarnation of their popular Android OS is how beautiful it looks; a new style called 'Material Design' makes everything look classy, minimalist and 3D and makes Android a much more appealing OS to use. Still, Android 5.0 isn't just a visually pleasing texture pack: it adds a whole onslaught of new features, including a cool new 'Personal Unlock' feature that allows you to use your smartwatch to unlock your device (Yet another incentive to invest in a smartwatch) and Microsoft Office support for Google Drive, meaning that you can edit Word and other documents on your tablet or phone. Consumers will be able to lick this Lollipop later this year.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Second CEO

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"The reason most people play Second Life is because their lives are so good that they want a second one." (Ebbe Altberg, Never)

Good news for all of the 1 million people that play life simulator MMO Second Life, as the company that developed it, Linden Labs, is breathing new life into the forgotten (Well, at least by the media) game, thanks to it's relatively new CEO Ebbe Altberg. He's announcing a lot more new things for the beloved game, including Oculus Rift support, which means that you can now go about your daily Second Life in FIRST PERSON, right before your eyes! 

Now, seeing as Oculus VR is owned by Facebook, one could assume that Second Life could be coming to the social network. Also, Second Life ticks all the boxes that a Facebook game would: it's free, it has microtransactions and it's a game that can be played on all kinds of computers, not just gaming PCs. It would certainly bring the MMO more publicity (Considering that Facebook has over 1 billion users) and it would help Facebook hold it's own against other social networks. I may be going a little too far, but if Facebook strike up a deal with Linden Labs, would Linden Labs consider moving their Desura games marketplace to Facebook?

Naah, doubt it!

Anyways, one last change has been detailed by Altberg. In an interview with TheNextWeb, the new CEO announced that a new Second Life will be coming out as a beta in 2015, and as a full game in 2016, and that "40-50 more people" will be hired to create it. Please can it be called Second Second Life.

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What do you guys think? Do these new changes make you want to play Second Life? Tell us in the comments below!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Wii Lawyer!

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Looks like Nintendo needed Phoenix Wright!

Bad news for Nintendo today, as they've lost a court case to tech company Philips over the motion control technology used in the Wii Remote and Wii Motion Plus, according to a statement found by Reuters. In the statement, a Philips spokesperson claimed that the motion control technology they patented would be "available to all manufacturers of set-top boxes and games consoles through a licensing program", indicating that if Nintendo were using Philips' property, they did have an option to get the license for it. Perhaps Nintendo could do an exchange instead! How about they keep the Wiimote and give Philips the patent for the Babysitting Mama controller!

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I mean, imagine what Philips could do with that!

Anyways, there's another interesting tidbit in the Philips statement: "We'd been trying to come to a licensing agreement with Nintendo since 2011" That means that Nintendo have fully well known about this problem for almost 3 years. Still, Nintendo are appealing, according to a Nintendo statement found by Gamesindustry, so until the case is released, we'll never know. Unless there's some type of Edward Snowden-esque Nintendo whistleblower out there!

Anyways, it's unlikely that Philips will try and stop Nintendo producing Wii Us and Wiimotes, as I imagine that Philips will probably settle for money. Still, this couldn't have come at a worse time, considering that Nintendo aren't in the best position right now.

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo start to lose money after this court case? Tell us in the comments below!

How To Get Into The Gaming Industry Part 2: Exclusinterview with Cade Peterson and Agnieszka Szostak

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In Part 2 of this 2 part series, I'll be speaking to former Playstation Community Manager and Lead Moderator Cade Peterson, and Owner of PR Outreach (A PR firm specializing in indie developers) Agnieszka Szostak! Now, get out your tablets and Evernote apps, the industry doctors are in session.

The first thing about getting into the game industry is that "There is no "way"", as Peterson puts it. It can happen in a variety of different ways. You could either "Apply for a position you are qualified for or start low on the totem pole, then work your way up from there.", but things can just come to you, or you can be in the right place at the right time. Peterson continues:  "I got lucky. Playstation found me. I wasn't trying to get a job there, I just got an email out of the blue."

Still, another great way to get a job is to get involved with the gaming community. Szostak explains her path into the gaming industry: "I was a huge classic point and click fan and took my chances in one of the contests the Adventure Zone (A Polish Point and Click game news website) website was organizing, where you could win of the (back then) popular adventure games.  Even though I found the website by accident... I won the contest! But I kind of felt it's not fair that I showed up there and constantly won, so I got in touch with the site admin asking if I could do something for them in rematch. He got back to me saying I could write a review of the game I just won and if it was any good, they would publish it. And so I did. Sent them my review, they posted it and offered me writing some more for them until eventually they'd hired me as an Editor! So in fact, I started off as a Journalist, not a PR person." Szostak's story proves that if you get involved with gaming websites and are an avid forum-goer, opportunities may arise, and you don't necessarily have to get tons of qualifications to get the job you want, you just need to be good at it, as Szostak continues "Forget about courses. Instead write, read, research yourself as much as you can and most of all be creative!".

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Raucous Reviews: Spin Tires!

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In Soviet Russia, truck DOESN'T drive you!

If there's ever been a more muddy, dirty game than Spintires, then I'm the Vice President of American Samoa. There's so much mud, dirt and muddy dirt in Spintires, ready to be chewed up by your fat tires, but also ready to make your journey a long and hard one. In Spintires, your objective may seem simple, collecting logs and delivering them to the designated area, but there's a huge amount of variables you need to combat in order to get there, including fuel, cargo damage and, of course, the brown stuff.