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Best Of E3: Nintendo Edition!

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Itsa me, Games Journalist Mario! Today, I'lla be... I can't do this. Here's the best things announced at Nintendo's conference.

Super Smash Bros 
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While we've known about Super Smash Bros for a long time, some cool new features (And fighters) have been announced by Nintendo. Along with new characters like Pac Man, you'll also be able to use all of your Miis to fight in the game, and choose what type if fighter they'll be! There are Mii Brawlers, close quarters combat fighters that always use their fists, Mii Fighters, who are sword-wielding Miis, and Mii Gunners, ranged fighters with huge hand cannons. You can choose what moves they use, so you're really making your own character! There's another feature that I'll take about later...

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While it may just seem like Nintendo is copying the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, the new Amiibos can be used on a broader perspective than the aforementioned figures. Amiibos can be used on most Nintendo Wii U games, instead of just one. Data will be saved on each Amiibo figure, so you can level up your figure and give it more abilities in the games you use it in. One game compatible with Amiibos is Super Smash Bros, where you can level up your Amiibo and make him a better fighter, and also you can switch between fighters while you're in a game! 

Best Of E3: Sony Edition!

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Now, we take a look at the other end of the fanboy spectrum, as we see the best announcements from Sony's E3 Conference, including a Japanese import, raging elephants and Jack Black!

Infamous: First Light
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For reasons that nobody understands, Infamous: Second Son is one of my favorite games ever, and I'm so glad that Sucker Punch are finally expanding the game, considering the fact that it's quite a short game. The best thing is that First Light will be a standalone DLC, so anyone can play it! In First Light, you will be playing as Abigail "Fetch" Walker, the conduit who gives you Neon powers, and you will be able to explore her past, and find out how the drug dealers took over her life and used her as a puppet. Here's hoping for Eugene and Hank DLCs too! Infamous: Third Nerd has a ring to it, don't you think?

Little Big Planet 3
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Finally, the world's most loveable game series is back! Little Big Planet 3's live E3 demo so hilarious, because the developers were so bad at it, but it also showcased some amazing new features that I can't wait to use! First up is that you can now use gadgets, one example being the Pumpinator, which can blow and push objects out of the way, but the coolest new feature is that there are now 4 characters to choose from, all with different abilities! Sackboy has gadgets and climbing abilites, Oddsock (A dog) has super speed and wall jumping abilities, Swoop (A bird) can fly and pick characters and objects up, while Toggle (Some marshmellow thingie) has super strength, and can grow and shrink when he wants! If only the developers knew how to play their own game.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Preemptive Previews: Spintires

Hi Guys,

Joe here writing a preview article for a new game called Spintires that will be available tomorrow. This game is a driving simulator for the PC and allows you to try all sorts of machinery, from tractors to trucks. The game is developed by Oovee Game Studios.

The game is based in 1980-90s Russia where you play a truck driver who has to deliver goods across the map. (A bit like Ice Road Truckers!) This article is not a review!

This game is very fun to mess around with. Personally, I don't usually go for simulators, (Other than The Sims if that counts! ) I'm more an MMO kinda guy, but with this game's easy mechanics and fun gameplay style it is a very good time waster. I am impressed with the variety of trucks to choose from as they vary from tank like beasts to huge 8x8 trawlers. The aim of the game is simple. Navigate your way through forests, swamps etc with a compass and map and deliver the cargo in one piece! One thing I was surprised about was the mechanic to load your cargo. It's nice to see developers including stuff like this as I was expecting to have it done offscreen and automatically. Another surprise was the detail of the trucks; some of the paint jobs looked spectacular in this game!

Since this is a demo copy, there are a few things that I think would make the game better. Perhaps some snow and desert maps for us to drive on or maybe some fun vehicles such as tanks or jeeps. All I would like is something to make this game more fun and less serious. 

If you have a view on this game than please tell us in the comments below! Also be sure to check out CMTS gaming on YouTube and watch Sam and Toms play Watch Dogs over there. 

Hope this helped,

Joe :p

Best Of E3: Ubisoft Edition!

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As always, Ubisoft's press conferences have been spectacular, with surprise announcements and a lot more gameplay, plus they're hosted by Aisha Tyler, a funny woman if ever I saw one. On with the games!

Just Dance Now
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OK, I know this is a weird one to start with, but here me out. While Just Dance 2015 doesn't look particularly good, the Just Dance Now app does. It's free, and all you have to do is to connect to a special Just Dance website, and make sure you have a connection, whether it's 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or dial-up (Though I wouldn't recommend the last one). Then, you can take part in huge dances, using your phone's acceleromator to track your moves. This means that there can be an infinite amount of people dancing together, so imagine a huge stadium rave, or a huge, citywide dance. Crazy.

The Crew
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The thing that amazes me about The Crew is that you can drive through the whole of the United States without a single loading time. As the trailer demonstrated, you could drive through a city into a huge Nevada canyon without any waiting times whatsoever. Being able to create your own Clubs and participate in Club Battles, huge multi-event competitions where Clubs race against each other, will be amazing, and the amount of challenges to do will keep The Crew from going stale for a long time.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Joe's Top E3 Games

Hi guys

So as you all know E3 has been happening this week, and since I watched the EA press conference I have decided to share what I am most excited about this year. 


As you all know I am a huge mass effect fan so this news really excited me. From the previews they showed it looks like a prequel to the mass effect series and will consist of new characters and planets in the Mass Effect universe. Personally I can't wait for this game and will defiantly pre order it as soon as it comes out.



I loved the original Battlefront games. I played them all the time so, this really excited me. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, how can you not buy this? The game looks amazing, it's running on Frostbite 3 and will be made by DICE! This game will be epic and multiplayer will be awesome! So I am really looking forward to more info on this game. Hopefully a trailer soon not just a teaser. 


Personally I really enjoyed the tomb raider series and I think that its game looks stunning. The trailer didn't show much actual gameplay but I really hope it lives up to the hype. This game will be a sequel to the rebooted franchise and will hopefully be as good as the first (Well, I thought it was good).

Well that's my E3 highlights, so what are yours ? Tell us in the comments below! 

Best Of E3: Microsoft Edition!

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After the disappointment of the Microsoft E3 conference last year, where they just talked about TV and Sports, new head Phil Spencer did a great job of making sure the conference was all about the games. So, here's our top picks of the best games in Miccy Mouse's E3 Conference!

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha DLC
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Thanks to the "31th" anniversary of Capcom, Dead Rising 3 is getting (Or shall I say has gotten, as it came out 2 days ago) a new Capcom themed DLC that adds a huge amount of classic Capcom icons and items. Joining Blanka (Who already has a costume in Dead Rising 3) are well known characters like Ryu (Street Fighter) and my personal favorite, Tofu (Resident Evil). The best part? A new 4 player co-op mode that practically takes the biscuit out of Capcom's Japanese heritage, with arcadey gameplay and huge, screen filling, over-the-top graphics. 

Sunset Overdrive
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While it's not the most visually stunning Xbox One game, Sunset Overdrive looks like one of the craziest. Think Dead Rising, but with a lot more insanity. With a fully customizable character to play as and tons of weapons to use and craft, plus tons of traps to set, Sunset Overdrive makes a zombie apocalypse seem more fun than, say, The Walking Dead does. Seeing the player effortlessly and smoothly grind from rail to rail while shooting some soda-zeds, then jumping onto a skywire before landing on a fire-shooting platform should give plenty of people a reason to buy an Xbox One.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Best of E3: EA Edition

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mThe first in a 5 part series about the E3 conferences, today we'll be looking at the best games in EA's conference!

The Unnamed Criterion Games Game
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Notorious for making the Crashy McSmashy Burnout series, Criterion Games showed off a little trailer about a game in it's really early, untextured stages. I didn't expect much, but damn was that trailer good. Instead of sticking to the usual cars, this new game included cars, helicopters and quad bikes, and I imagine much much more. Nothing special right? Well, how about the scene where the player jumps out of a helicopter ONTO A DANG QUAD BIKE, watching it as it explodes? That's really all we saw, but that alone was one of the best moments of E3.

Star Wars: Battlefront
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Just like the Criterion trailer, we barely saw any gameplay, but DID see some early in-engine footage, and trust me, that did NOT look like early in-engine footage. The worlds of Endor and Hoth looked absolutely amazing, with crisp leaves, fluffy snow and some cool laser effects, and the modeled Stormtrooper gave me a similar level with awe. If that EARLY footage looks as good as a game like Killzone: Shadow Fall, then what will the finished product look like? It could be the victim of a graphics downgrade, a la Watch_Dogs, but with DICE producing some beautiful games, I highly doubt it.

Slingshot FAIL, Marcus WIN

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Blunderous news today, as Facebook accidentally released their long awaited Snapchat competitor app Slingshot too early, to the delight of the only group of teenagers that haven't heard of Snapchat. It was taken down in a couple of hours, but the damage had been done. Still, a Facebook spokesperson announced that the app is going to be coming out "very soon". HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED?!

Wait, what?

Anyways, Slingshot is the spiritual successor of Poke, Facebook's first try at self-destructing messaging, and the fact that they failed to buy Snapchat and have had their younger userbase fall slightly means that they are making another attempt to claw back more teenagers, despite the fact that more than 1.3 billion people use the site. Greedy guts.

Still, there is some good news about Facebook, as they have announced that PayPal president David Marcus will be the new head of their mobile messaging division, presumably using his entrepreneurial skills to make their apps more popular and well known. He founded 2 companies, both of which were bought out by another company, so Marcus knows what he's doing.

"Wait, maybe we should have hired a programmer."

What do you guys think? Will Marcus bring more popularity to Facebook? And will Slingshot become a viable alternative to Snapchat? Tell us in the comments below!

Monday, 9 June 2014

New Video!

Hi Guys!

A new Let's Suck At Watch Dogs video is up at!



Hi guys!

I'd just like to say that I'm not putting up any posts today so I can watch E3 and make a couple articles for tomorrow!


Sunday, 8 June 2014

YouTube Launch!

Hi Guys!

I've got an exciting announcement to make! Our CMTS Gaming channel has it's first video up, a Let's Suck At Watch_Dogs video with Sam and Tom! There'll be more out this week, so if you like the channel, there'll be much more! The video link is

Thanks Guys!

Anytime Reviews: Murdered: Soul Suspect

L.A Noire: Ghost Edition?

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a mystery/stealth game which is developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix. The main character is Detective Ronan, who is thrown out of a window by the serial killer that is named the Bell Killer at the start of the game. He then gets revived as a ghost (because him dying would be a relatively short game) and needs to solve his own murder to progress to the afterlife. It takes place in the real life town of Salem, Massachusetts, which actually has a relatively dark past about witch trials which makes for a pretty interesting setting, but the town isn't really that explored in the game, much like the characters.

 The story manages to keep you interested and the plot is pretty unique, but sadly the characters aren't really well developed and the voice acting is average. You aren't even really that invested in the main character as he isn't that interesting and his personality is kind of one dimensional. You meet other ghosts as well, and you can solve their problems and allow them to move on and some side quests are pretty interesting, but as for the multiple humans you can possess, they don’t really have much to talk about apart from mundane everyday things. I would have liked to seen maybe a Watch-Dogs esque peek into their personal lives to add just a bit of character to the NPCs.

When playing the game, you find that as a ghost, Ronan has many abilities such as possession and passing through walls. As freeing as passing through walls sounds, you can only pass through certain walls and you can’t pass ghostly objects which create walls around the area of the town you’re in. You gain a couple more as the story goes on, but most abilities serve to solve the cases throughout the story, but they are painfully obvious at times, with investigations ending with you picking out the most relevant clues and even when you pick the wrong ones, it just involves simple process of elimination and deduction. And it also uses the same mechanics the entire time so it also gets quite repetitive. Also during possession I found myself stuck in an uncontrollable NPC going in a predetermined route around an area, so it is slightly glitchy. You can find out more about characters by collecting and reading collectibles found in the game, but other than that there isn't much replay value to it.

There are demons which appear in the game (floaty, dementor looking ones, not the red, horned kind), which try to suck what’s left of your soul out with a terrifying screech. To combat these genuinely quite scary demons you need to get behind them using ghost silhouettes which you can hide in and ghost objects you can distract them with. But to escape from or kill/exorcise them, you just need to complete a little quick time event. The stealth system is still fun and innovating though, and I like the addition of the ghost powers as it adds some variation, but it has a slight effect on the visuals.

The visuals are average at best. While the main characters look neatly polished, side NPCs are not detailed at all, and quite a lot of textures are flat and solid. The particle effects from your abilities are nice, but when passing through walls you leave an outline of yourself, and if you exit sideways the outline is distorted. I would have liked the colour palette to have a little more variety than dark grubby colours, blue and red, but I suppose that fits the feel the game has. If we suddenly saw a heap of colours from a neon district that would ruin the mood.

Overall, I feel that Murdered: Soul Suspect has an interesting premise and storyline, with kind of innovating gameplay, its downfall being that its gameplay needs some polish, as it is too easy at times and the characters need to be more developed and the graphics need a slight upgrade, while still keeping it stable as I did run into a couple of framerate issues.