Friday, 9 May 2014

The drePhone 6!

Seems like all the rappers are picking sides. Next thing you know, Lil' Wayne's going to work for Sony!

CRAZY news today, as Apple are reportedly in talks about a $3.2  BILLION dollar acquisition of the headphone making company Beats Entertainment, makers of the Dr Dre Beats headphones. Talk about two companies with overprice stuff sticking together! Anyways, the deal hasn't officially come through yet, but if it does, it will be the biggest acquisition Apple have ever made, overtaking the buyout of NeXT (A programming company who went on to create Mac OS X and iOS.) all the way back in 1997, which was $404 million dollars! Your move, Zuckerberg.

This has happened after Facebook bought Oculus a couple of weeks ago for $2 billion, to extremely mixed opinions. Still, Apple and Facebook ain't got nothing on Vodafone, who bought German internet and telephone company for $185.1 billion dollars in 1999. Peasants.

In my opinion, this seems like a bit of a waste of money for Apple. Sure, Beats make good headphones and speakers, but there are FAR better options that they could have bought for a fraction of that price! I just don't think that this acquisition will help Apple advance anymore.

What do you guys think? Is this a good buy for Apple? Or is it a waste of money? Tell us in the comments below!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wow Wee, Panoramic Selfie!

Wait, so THAT's how it's pronounced?

Huawei, the smartphone brand that is famous solely for it's name, has unveiled it's next new phone that aims to rival the likes of Samsung and LG: the Huawei Ascend P7! It's the first 4G phone by Huawei, and better yet it's a phone with an 5 inch HD screen that only weighs 123g! It's also crazy thin, as it's only 6.5mm thick! Yippee Kay Yay, Huawei!

Also, it has a 8MP front snapper that can take HUGE selfies. Great.

The P7 seems to be copying Samsung in a way, as it's 2500mAh battery will last a full day when it's down to it's last 10%, pretty much identical to what the Samsung Galaxy S5 can do. And Apple's batteries only last 4-5 hours. China beats 'Murica!

What do you guys think? Will the P7 make you take Huawei seriously? Or does it look like just another Android phone? Tell us in the comments below!

Oslolus Rift!

Well, at least ONE Scandinavian still likes the Rift!

You know that the Oculus Rift was made to sever the ties from video games to the real world? Well, the Norwegian Army doesn't, because they have started using an Oculus Rift prototype that lets tank drivers see in front of them without having to go outside! It has a 360 degree view of the world outside, and it lets users operate the tank with precision! Still, when Facebook said they would broaden the horizons for the Rift, I didn't imagine this!

To me, it's quite controversial that video games are getting involved with the likes of war and such, considering they get so much blame for causing violence anyway, but now that the Rift is used in one other aspect of life, what else could it be used for? Stockroom checking in a shop? Movie watching on the train? Tell us in the comments below!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Price Check On Tesco Savers Smartphone!

"Our phones are freshly picked from only the finest Chinese factories." (Tesco Spokesman)

Iffy news today, as Tesco have announced that they are planning on releasing a "high end" smartphone by the end of 2014 with specs "comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5". Psshh. Tesco? High End? Anyways, Tesco have had some experience on the smart device front, as they have made a successful budget tablet, the Hudl, which was only £120! Still, who would want to walk around with a Tesco brand smartphone? Sure, the specs might me good, but it'll just be like drinking a 39p drink from a corner shop: good for you, but not good for your image!

Speaking of the Hudl tablet, Tesco are also planning to launch a revamped version in September, similar to what Google did with their Nexus 7. It's not like these tablets are throwaway trash either, as they have a meaty 1.5GHz processer, a 242ppi screen and up to 9 hours of battery life. Not bad for a budget tablet!

What do you guys think? Would you buy a Tesco phone? And do you think that the Hudl needs to be improved? Tell us in the comments below!

Xbox: Out Of The Gates?

"Did my company really make this?" (Bill Gates, Never)

Bill Gates, in an interview with Fox Business, stated that he would support the sale of Xbox. Pretty weird, considering that Xbox Live is a big money maker for the company and that it's currently "fighting" in a console "war", but if you really think about it, is it that bad of a decision? If Microshaft focused more on things like Windows Phones and PC gaming, then they would earn a lot more money, as everybody has a phone, and PC gaming is the biggest market in video games! Obviously, this is all up to new Chairman Satya Nadella, but he has made many changes already, such as bringing Office to iPads, even though Apple is Microsoft's main competitor, so a Xbox sell out isn't out of the question.

What do you guys think? Is selling Xbox a good idea? Or do you think that it's a big moneymaker for Microsoft? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Itsa Me, Homeless Mario!

I think this photo sums up the article! (Picture made by Destructoid user grandmaster)

Sad news today, as Nintendo, despite all their promotions and exclusives, are expecting to have lost 25 billion yen (£144.95 billion) so far this year, a far cry from their prediction. They expected to gain 55 billion yen (£318.98 billion) by March! They also predicted that the Wii U would sell 9 million consoles in total by then, but later reversed that prediction by saying that they will probably sell around 2.8 consoles instead. In comparison, the PS4 has sold around 7 million consoles since it's release in November 2013, while the Wii U has only sold around 5.8 million consoles since its release in November 2012. Looks like Mario's gonna have to go back to plumbing.

Nintendo are blaming this dip on it's poor sales in the Christmas season, as the PS4 and Xbox One took center stage, and the Wii U was almost forgotten about. Still, with Mario Kart 8 coming out this month, and with Watch Dogs having some Wii U exclusive features thanks to it's GamePad, things might be looking up! Also, after rumors that Nintendo will announce another console at E3, this could be the time that Nintendo dusts itself off and wrangles some more sales!

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo always be safe from bankruptcy? Or do you reckon that the Wii U will be the last Nintendo console? Tell us in the comments below!