Saturday, 5 April 2014

No Posts Again! :(

Hi Guys!

I am really sorry to say that I won't be posting today, as I have a big event to go to today and I can't really miss it, but don't worry, as I'll start posting daily again tomorrow! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks so much for reading our stuff!

Thanks so much and best wishes!


Friday, 4 April 2014

No Posts Today :(

Hi Guys,

Sorry to say that there will be no posts today as I'm getting a PS4 today and I'm friggin excited.

Thanks so much for being supportive!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: We All Dream Of Being An Asteroid!

Hey Guys!

Today I will be showing you the new ship class coming for SWTOR's Galactic Starfighter. In case you don't know what that is Galactic Starfighter is, it's SWTOR's space PVP expansion. Also in this piece I will include the lowdown for Update 2.7 witch is coming on the 8th. This is a new expansion called Invasion and consists of two Flashpoints, a new story and a Nightmare Dread Fortress operation. Also next week is a double XP weekend, so get leveling! And for you PVP folk a new Huttball Warzone is arising on Quesh as well as Season One rewards! Also, a new gear set will be dropping from Nightmare Dread Fortress!

Galactic Starfighter 

Have you ever wanted to travel though space in your own asteroid? Than thanks to Czerka Arms you can blend into the background of space and use a tractor beam to pull your enemies into your lair. Also in Update 2.7 you can participate in the new Galactic Starfighter map with live space ship battles!

Now look at that beautiful asteroid. Do you think anyone will see you?

In my opinion, with a new story coming, SWTPOR is far from dead, so expect a new MMO review very soon!

Have fun!


Poll Results!

A couple of days ago, I asked you guys if you thought that Facebook buying Oculus was a good thing, since it gives Oculus a helluva lot more money to use on the Rift, or whether it was a bad thing, as Facebook would just plague the Rift with adverts and freemium games. Well, 100% of you thought that it was a bad thing, and the Rift doesn't interest you anymore!

Well, I have to say that I disagree! I admit, it's out of order for Oculus to ask for people's money, and then immediately accept a high money offer from a big company, but that big money offer will make the Rift so much better! Oculus will have better resources to make the Rift, and it will also reach a wider audience because of Facebook's popularity! Sure, I hate Facebook, but as long as they don't interfere with Oculus, then I'm fine with this deal!

The next poll is up, so make sure to vote in that and share your thoughts in the comments! 

Kickstarting Thursday with Super Adventure Mega Quest!

Super Adventure Mega Quest is, as developer Soler Pictures Inc. put it, "The first game to have perfect platform controls on the touch screen.". Now, that is quite a big statement, considering there are so many platformers on the mobile games market that have made their own control system, but, believe me, these controls look great! Anyways, the concept of Super Adventure Mega Quest is that it combines styles and graphics from every era into one cool mishmash of juicy platforming fun!

The story is that there's a world living in harmony until a dark being shows up and starts to de pixelate everything into a lower resolution. The inhabitants of the world start to go crazy and riot, but then Leonardo shows up, and vows to bring the pixels back! Pretty interesting story, don't 'cha think? Anyways, now it's time to talk about the big thing in this game: the controls.

There's no control pad on the screen obstructing your view of the game. The controls are easy as pie. You press on the left side of the screen to change directions, and you press on the right side of the screen to jump and double jump. That's it! Simple, but you'll need to master them to win the harder levels! Then there's the collectibles: Hearts power up the resolution of the game, coins give you lives and points and garlic gives you fire breath, and you defeat enemies by jumping on them!

However, the most interesting thing about this game is that you need to be in a specific resolution to find the item or door that you're looking for, so it also adds a huge puzzle aspect to the game as well! You might think that this was just some bog standard platformer, but it's really something much better and deeper! Also, as well as the graphics changing whenever you grab a heart, the soundtrack also changes! There are 4 soundtracks for every level, so you've got the perfect excuse to grab those hearts!

Super Adventure Mega Quest is 20% funded at the time of writing, and still has 20 days to reach it's $20,000 CAD target! You can bag the game for only $10 CAD plus access to the exclusive developers blog, a thank you on their twitter account and your name in the credits, but if you're willing to splash the cash, you can spend $8,000 CAD and become the executive producer of the game, you will be honored at the wrap party, you will be on the programmer's team for a day, you're likeness will be in the game, your banner or ad will be placed in the game, you'll be able to design an enemy, you'll be able to design a secret item, you'll get signed art from the development process, a plush doll or T-Shirt, a copy of the game, the soundtrack, a PDF of retro graphics, a Twitter shout out and your name in many places in the credits!

Make sure to back this game at

Ouya, You're Fired! (TV)

Android Consoles? Sounds average!

Good news for Ouya buyers who actually want a console that is good, as Amazon have released the Fire TV, which is available right now for $99! As you can tell, it's only available in the US, but it doesn't mean I can't talk about it! First things first, the Fire TV, isn't a games console, it's a media streaming box that can also play games. There are tons of games, TV shows and movies to stream, not to mention tons of streaming apps to download. And guess what? It can stream in 1080p. Take that, Microsoft.

The box also has voice controls that actually work (Microsoft, again!) and it's also got pretty impressive specs for a $99 box! It has 2GB of memory, it's own Graphics Card, a quad core processor, and the ability to support 1080p streaming and Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound. Also, you can play many Android games and Amazon Exclusives, including Minecraft and The Walking Dead, plus developers like Double Helix Games (Strider) and Ubisoft (Everything) are said to be making games for it! All games are playable on the remote that comes with the box, but you can buy a gaming controller!

What do you guys think? Will the Fire TV up the standards of Android Consoles? Or will this just be a fad? Tell us in the comments below!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wayback Wednesday: Bethesda!

In honor of Bethesda publishing The Elder Scrolls Online this week, we're going to take a look back at their glorious history!

It all started in Bethesda, Maryland (The company's namesake. Duh) where, in 1985, Christopher Weaver founded Bethesda Softworks. A year later, they made their first game, Gridiron!, a sports game, and after that they started making many games in the next few years, including the Wayne Gretzky Hockey series and many Terminator games including (Funnily enough) The Terminator and Terminator 2029. However, in 1994 came their biggest moment, when they started the Elder Scrolls series off with The Elder Scrolls: Arena, a great start to the series that introduced the importance of side quests to video games. After developing more low profile titles, in 1996 they churned out another Elder Scrolls game, The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, which has the largest video game map ever.

Come 1999 and Bethesda was bought out by ZeniMax Media Inc, the team that are developing The Elder Scrolls Online. After that, Bethesda once again focused on sport simulators, developing games in the PBA Tour Bowling and IHRA Racing series, until 2002, when Bethesda developed The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, which was so successful that it sold 4 million copies and spawned 2 expansion packs! In 2004, Bethesda bought out the Fallout series from Interplay Entertainment, and started development right away for Fallout 3. While they developed it, they released the fourth Elder Scrolls game, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which was an amazing success and lauded by critics for it's huge world and beautiful graphics.

The camera is stationed at far end of a long lake inlet, facing inwards. In the near foreground the camera can see tall grass, some deciduous trees, the lake's rocky coast, and a flooded and decaying temple. A tall spire rises from the center of a walled city far in the distance, casting a clear reflection on the lake. The cliff-sides of the mountain range behind the city are indistinct, and fade into the dawn light. The highlights of the morning sky are blown, and tendrils of skylight feather objects in the foreground.

2 years later, and Fallout 3 was released, and everybody loved it, for it's huge variety and amount of missions (Seriously, good luck finishing it!) and a great character development system. Also, it sold 4.7 million copies in a week. After that, Bethesda went quiet all the way until 2009, where they released Fallout 3 indirect sequel Fallout: New Vegas, and it did well, with many improvements made over the last game and many more missions. Then, 2 years later, arguably Bethesda's biggest game was released...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was Bethesda's golden jewel, with up to 100 hours of gameplay (Plus downloadable content!) and an amazing character customization system that pretty much let you be whatever you wanted to be. Now, after releasing DLC for Skyrim, we've got to wait until later this week, where The Elder Scrolls Online will be released....

So, for making amazing franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda, we salute you!

Free Games Europe! (Kinda)

This is truly the best photo I could find.

Playstation Plus!
Once again, PS4 owners will get Mercenary Kings, a side scrolling Contra-Borderlands hybrid that you can play co op or by yourself. It has RPG elements like loot and gun crafting, but it still has classic run and gun elements that will leave you feeling more nostalgic than a 90s kid in a Crash Bandicoot Museum. However, PS3 peeps will get "It's finally better than FIFA" game Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and that other Sucker Punch game that wasn't made by Sucker Punch, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, which you can also play on your PS VITA, if you have one! Speaking of PS VITAs, I would say that the VITA has the best lineup this month, with "Retro violence is the best violence" game Hotline Miami (Which you can also play on the PS3) and Gran Turismo except with motorbikes simulator MotoGP 13!

Games With Gold!
European Xbox 360 owners will still get Hitman: Absolution as their first game, but the second game for Games With Gold has been revealed, and the second game is.... Deadlight! It's an OK game, but this months lineup is TRE-MENDOUSLY better than previous lineups, so who knows what's in store in the coming months!

What do you guys think? Is Games With Gold starting to pick up the pace? Or will PS + still be the better free games program? Tell us in the comments below!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

You Lose Tuesday, Rambo!

Don't lie to me, you mistook Rambo for a soul eating sweaty half horse half man in this picture.

In Rambo: The Video Game, violence is the name of the game; after all, you do kill 150 people in the first level. If you killed 150 people in a cover shooter, RTS or FPS, then Rambo: The Video Game wouldn't be half bad! But it's an ON RAILS SHOOTER. ON A PC. Words can't describe how bad those two things go. No, they don't go together like chalk and cheese, they go together like a rabid squirrel and Meredith from The Office. I mean, they could have shipped a light gun with it, but no, you can use the mouse and keyboard! I will not name and shame the developers, but I think they need to rethink their formula. A movie game that's an on rails shooter without a light gun isn't exactly a good recipe.

If you're playing Rambo on PC, it's simply a case of click on your enemies and they're dead. No satisfaction. But you might think that the PS3 version is good, because of the Playstation Move being like a light gun? No sir ee Bob. And you know what the developers of Rambo thought would make the game even better? Quick Time Events. I'm seriously starting to question what these developers know about games! Also, there are many scenes added into Rambo: The Video Game that aren't in any of the movies, so this game is just a mishmash of Rambo killing people from every country (Including America!).

You'd think that because of the scoring system in the levels and the upgrades and perks you can buy that Rambo: The Video Game would have a hint of replayability, but because of the dumb AI just standing in one place, ready for you to shoot them, it's hard not to nail the levels the first time around! Also, the campaign is just so repetitive, I'd be surprised if anyone makes it through it! You'd think that the perks and upgrades would make this game fun, by adding things like being able to carry an RPG around all the time or a big head mode, but instead the upgrades make the game a million times easier, and therefore a million times less fun.

It does have some detail, and big Rambo fans will notice very subtle details that the developers have put in there just for the fans, but they don't look good. The graphics (Most notably the cutscenes) seem PS2 era at the worst, and the sound? Well, it sounds like it was recorded inside a helicopter, as it's so crackly and muffled. Then, last of all, is the Co Op mode. Normally, I'm a sucker for co op, as it''s great to know that you've got people on your side, but really all this is is a second target slapped onto the screen. No second gun, no second player, no second nothing.

So, for being a repetitive light-gun shooter without a light gun, Rambo: The Video Game, we don't salute, but instead we laugh at you from the arcade!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Free Games USA! (Kinda)

This is a list of PS+ and Games With Gold games in America, I'll do the EU tomorrow!

Playstation Plus!
PS4 owners will be able to get Contra-lookalike Mercenary Kings, which is actually a brand new game! It's pretty much a sidescrolling RPG, with classic run and gun gameplay mixed with weapon crafting, RPG elements and Borderlands style LOOTY SHOOTY. PS3 owners get 3 saucy games: man-with-a-voice-that-sounds-like-he's-been-smoking-too-much simulator Batman: Arkham City, Mickey Mouse back in da house game Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, and a (surprisingly) stealthy game known as Stealth Inc.: A Clone In The Dark. Have you bought Playstation Plus yet? Anyways, just to tempt you even more, I'll tell you the PS Vita games! (Badum tshh) (Un)Lucky PS Vita owners will receive (No pun) Velocity Ultra, a teleporting shooter, and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, a game that couldn't get any more better except if you added DX to the title.

Games With Gold!
Okay, we only know 1 of the 2 games for Games With Gold, and that game is Hitman: Absolution, which is actually the newest game to ever be on the Games With Gold program! And guess what? It's generally quite a good game! This is madness! 

Still, the next game will probably be Ride To Hell: Retribution or something like that....

What do you guys think? Is PS + still the better free games program? Or is Games With Gold starting to improve? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

April: The Month Ahead!

Hi Guys

Got a new monthly feature where I look at the best games coming out in the coming month! (All dates are for Europe) Let's do that!

April 4th: The Elder Scrolls Online!

Now I'm not a fan of MMOs or RPGs, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't check out The Elder Scrolls Online! The first Elder Scrolls MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online lets you pick between 4 classes: Dragon Knight, Templar, Sorcerer and Nightblade. Many people I know have said that it's exactly like Skyrim but online and you're not the only hero. It will be non linear, so you're never forced to do anything you don't want to, but unfortunately it will be always-online, which could do well or wrong depending on how Bethesda are managing the servers. Well, at least EA aren't managing them! The Elder Scrolls Online will launch on Mac and PC!

April 8th: Daylight
Daylight Logo.jpg
As you can tell, Daylight is a horror game. In Daylight, you won't have to worry about conserving ammo, because there are no guns. You simply have to survive on glow sticks and a phone. All levels are randomly generated, but they are all set in an abandoned hospital, where you play as Sarah, a girl who wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there. A voice tells her the secrets of the hospital's past, and Sarah must find out about it so she can escape. Daylight will launch on PS4 and PC!

April 11th: LEGO The Hobbit!
12519863645 125366c9a5 b
Now, I've never watched The Hobbit, read it or ever been a fan of it, but I freakin' LOVE Lego games. LEGO The Hobbit looks like it'll be another classic, after the unfortunate disappointment of The Lego Movie Game. According to TT Games, you "will be able to mine for gems, discover loot from enemies and craft powerful magical items or build immense new LEGO structures.', so it looks like LEGO The Hobbit will almost take a Minecraft take on it's open world, so look out for that! LEGO The Hobbit will be about the first two films, with the third being released as DLC later on. LEGO The Hobbit will come out for 3DS, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4 and PS3!

April 17th: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil!
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game.jpg
Controversially only coming out for last-gen consoles, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is set to improve on the (In my opinion) disappointment of FIFA 14, with it's broken first touch system being fixed, plus improved passing and dribbling mechanics. The most notable new features though are the (Kinda) new Road to the FIFA World Cup and Road to Rio de Janeiro modes, with the former mode being where you play as any of the 203 playable countries and work your way through the Qualification and World Cup Finals, while the latter is an online version. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3!

April 30th: Child Of Light!
Child of Light art.jpg
Many people hate it when the concept art for a game looks so much better than the actual game, and Child Of Light will tackle that problem, because there is no concept art: only screenshots. This artsy-fartsy game tells the story of Aurora, a girl who is kidnapped and thrown into a different world, where she must find the moon, the sun and the stars so she can get back home. Sounds like a nicer version of Daylight, doesn't it? Anyway, Child Of Light will be a 2D Platformer-RPG hybrid, and there will be turn based combat. There will also be co op multiplayer, where another player will play as Igniculus, a firefly. Child Of Light will come out for PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One and Xbox 360!