Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sam's Sassy Saturday Quiz Time!

Hi guys! I'm making a new feature every Saturday as well as Saturday Spending Spree! It's called Sam's Sassy Saturday Quiz Time, and will be a quiz with 10 questions, which you can answer in the comments. I will keep a tally of the questions each guy or gal has got right, and the lucky person who has the most correct answers at the end of every month will be Fan Of The Month and will get to write an article for, if they want to! Needless to say, today's results will carry over to next month's. The deadline for you guys to answer the quiz will be the following Monday, so you get 2 days to answer them! Sure, some people probably will Google the answers, but I can at least try to stop you! Have fun guys and good luck!

Question 1: What are the names of the 2 cities where the Bioshock series is set?

Question 2: What era is Dishonored set in?

Question 3: Name 4 characters from The Walking Dead video game.

Question 4: What company developed Mark Of The Ninja?

Question 5: Thirty Flights Of Loving is a semi-sequel to which other indie game?

Question 6: How many unlockable masks are in Hotline Miami?

Question 7: XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reboot of which PC, Amiga and PS1 game?

Question 8: What is the highest rated Far Cry game on PC?

Question 9: Which animation studio co-developed Ni No Kuni with Level 5?

Question 10: What are the two main game franchises developed by Bethesda?

Make sure to answer in the comments below, and good luck!

Saturday Spending Spree: February 22nd!

Sure, there are Steam Sales, but my Deal Of The Week this week is actually the Xbox 360 Ultimate Game sale! New games are on sale everyday, but the weekly deals are great! Portal 2, Mass Effect, Asura's Wrath, DiRT 3, Driver San Francisco, Fable III, Batman: Arkham City, Motocross Madness, Alan Make, Guardians Of Middle-Earth, Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, Rock Band Blitz and Dust: An Elysian Tale are all discounted! You can find these deals on the Xbox website and on the Xbox Home, plus all the daily deals! Now, how about some more deals? Deals will make everything better! DEALS! DEALS!

Ridge Racer: Unbounded: Only £3.74 on Xbox!

Far Cry: The Wild Exhibition: Only £24 at GAME!

Game of Thrones - Season 3 : Only £25 at Amazon!

Robocop - Limited Edition Steelbook: Only £17.50 at Amazon!

Anker Astro E4 13000mAh Portable Charger : Only £29.99 at Amazon!

Evutec Karbon S iPhone 5S and 5 Case: Only £29.95 at Apple!

Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver: Only £24.99 at eBuyer!

Arma 3: Only £23.99 on Steam!

Google Nexus 5 16GB: Only £240 at Carphone Warehouse!

Terraria (PS3): Only £7 at Grainger Games!

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds: Only £48.99 at Amazon!7

Hope you find what you're looking for, and these deals may run out, so snap em up quick!

A Lotus With TWO Legs?

It took two years to make, and it's not even built by Lotus, but it's still the best damn motorbike ever!

Yep, it turns out that the upcoming Lotus motorbike is actually made by Kodewa (Who?) and that guy that made the TRON cycles. So yeah, it's pretty good! It looks beautiful, and there are only 100 examples being made, so don't worry about joining that 60s biker gang, join that TRON fan club instead! Anyway, don't think that this bike is all style and no substance, as it's got 200bhp and and 1.2L V-twin engine, so put that in your lotus flower and smoke it! (Or don't if you want to be enlightened.)

Oh yeah, I forgot the name! It's the Lotus C-01, and all of the production models have probablly already been snapped up, which is a shame, because they'll be fully customisable! Still though, why wouldn't you want it's original jet black body made from steel, titanium and carbon fiber! By the way, I'm not advertising this bike, I just have a severe limited-edition-jet-black-200bhp-Lotus-fetish.

What do you guys think? Should Lotus call this motorbike their own, even though they didn't make it? Or do you not care because you just want a Lotuscycle? Tell us in the comments below!

Xbox Drags YOU Down When They Fail!

Maybe Xbox's next update will contain something the fans want instead of a new console breaking bug.

Microsoft have now decided that it will beta test it's  Xbox One March update on Xbox gamers who have signed up for the beta testing program next week. Registered beta testers will be sent a code in their message inbox, which they can then use next week to test out the new update, which will make sure the console is fit for Titanfall, a game that's expected to be a real system-seller.

Anyone who is testing this next update can also continue testing new updates and other things for Xbox if they wish, but since updates don't really offer much change, I wouldn't think it would be worth it, but hey, that's just coming from a 13 year old kid who thinks he knows everything about games, even though he wasn't even a 90s kid. Psshhh.

What do you guys think? Is it worth testing a minor update? Or will it help Ol' Live Tiles from having any future cock-ups? Tell us in the comments below!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Top 3 Easiest Boss Fights!

3. Final Sepiroth Battle (Final Fantasy VII)
Hey, I know that Sepiroth is a well respected character, and I quite like him, but the last battle with him in FFVII is way too easy. Sure, you could kill him in one hit with an Omnislash, but the fight is pretty much impossible to lose! You could use a weapon that's at the start of the game and still beat him, mainly because he has such low health and you can kill him as soon as he's hit you once, because of your counterattack! 

2. Old King Coal (Banjo-Tooie)
The main reason that Old King Coal is so easy is because he literally doesn't attack. All he does is chase you, and when he catches up to you, he just shouts at you. He's like that kid that threatens to punch you if you don't give him your lunch money, and then just spends half an hour striking Tae-Kwon-Do poses until you swiftly kick is crown jewels and run away. But there's lava in the playground while you're fighting.

1. Drill Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Trust me, if you're trying to kill a supersonic hedgehog who can jump quite high, I wouldn't recommend a car. All you have to do is just jump on Eggman's head. He really didn't take into account that he was dealing with a supersonic hedgehog by ramming into him with a car. And Eggman's supposed to be a scientist. 

Apologies for the shorter article, there was a family occasion on today!

WHASAPPP Larry Page?

Seems like Whatsapp thinks it's audience is First Time On The Internet Kids and Catfishes than everybody in the world!

Whatsapp, the free (Kinda) messaging app, has been bought by Facebook for $19 billion, after apparently turning down Google's bid of... more than $19 billion. Whatsapp leaders Jan Koum and Brian Acton didn't choose Google because they thought that Google were bidding just so Facebook didn't get Whatsapp. Apparently, Google CEO Larry Page also told Whatsapp that it would be better to stay independent because they are big competitors to Facebook.

Or, in other words, join Google.

However, some people have been questioning that Whatsapp isn't worth $19 billion, mainly because they don't have ads on their app and therefore don't earn that much, but I think that it's a good buy, because it's used in many different countries and is much more popular than other IM apps.

What do you guys think? Have Facebook paid too much for Whatsapp? Or is it a well-made deal? Tell us in the comments below!

App Store Takes A Wrecking Ball!

Guys, once in a while I can't think of a punny title, I've gotta be serious at some point...


Anyway, here's the real news: a celebrity-based rip off game has topped the Apple App Store charts! What a unpredictable market that is! Seriously, the App Store is really annoying me now. There's no point of respected developers making mobile games anymore, because whenever they could choose between a £2 AAA mobile game and a plagiarized game with hidden microtransactions, the latter is always their first choice. Now, not everyone who owns a phone is like this, but it just annoys me how people with literally no ideas can rip off a game and earn money.

So, let's take a look at how amazing Flying Cyrus is. You are Miley Cyrus' head, and you must navigate between wrecking balls and sledgehammers. It sounds WAY better before you play it, but trust me, it's just as frustrating as Flappy Bird. Which makes it very popular, because people LOVE punching holes in their walls and making deals with the devil just to get a higher score.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Joe's MMOs Update

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I have been ill this week, hope to get a piece up soon. Please bear with!

Thanks guys!


Kickstarting Thursday with Galactic Princess!

Galactic Princess looks to be the next great FTL-style game, where you build your own spaceship and work your way up in the space smuggling world! It also has all the great features from games like Elite, so you can trade items like food and slaves and being a general pain in the space butt to other ships. It's going to be quite a funny game as well, with satire and parody strewn across the story! The story is simple: You are the captain of a smuggling ship, and you want to gain as much power and money as you can to overcome the Spacecops. To do so, you'll have to go after the legendary Galactic Princess, who will grant you the power to bring destroyed planets back to life.

Sure, you can decide how the outside of the spaceship looks, and what shape it is, plus where all the things like weapons, shields etc go. The weapons are your usual space weapons, with lasers, rockets and explosives all available, if you have the cash. However, the thing that sets this apart from FTL is that you can also see the inside of your ship in its glorious 8 bit graphics. There are so many rooms for you to explore in your ship, including prisons, docks, cargo holds, cockpits, research labs and more, plus all the information that you need is on the monitors that are found all over the ship, so you'll feel like a real (But they aren't!) space smuggler!

There are also two different types of battles. Ship vs Ship is a FTL style battle where you aim at different parts of the enemy ship for different consequences, e.g destroying enemy engines stops the ship from moving. There's also Crew vs Crew, where either you've sent boarding capsules to the enemy ship, or they've sent boarding capsules to yours. This is an RTS mode where you assign all of your crew to different things, such as enslaving crew members or fighting them, plus you also decide which crew members get certain guns, so there's quite a lot of tactics involved in both types of battles.There are also many different races in Galactic Princess, including pets, smugglers, spacecops, robots and many different alien species, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Mantis' are renowned for their close combat abilities, while Pets help you maintain the crew's mental health and morale.At the time of writing, Galactic Princess has been 90% funded, and it still has 24 days to go! You only have to pay £10  ($16) to get the game, which is sadly coming out in 2015, but if you're feeling generous, you can pay £2000 ($3264) and get a copy of the game, a mouse pad, a USB stick, an artbook, access to the beta and you get to design a series of quests in the game, and have your name in the credits! There are also many stretch goals:

£30,000 gets the game more races, weapons, pets and side quests
£40,000 gets the game more shapes to customize your spaceship
£50,000 gets the game extra polish and mechanics, including mining
£60,000 gets the game mod support
£70,000 gets the game more stats for each crew member
£80,000 gets the game alternate endings
£90,000 gets the game a weapon editor
£100,000 gets the game 2D platformer controls
£150,000 gets the game a gravity system
£200,000 gets the game planet exploration

Fund this great looking game at!

Who Needs Windows?

Isn't it easier to put a bunch of micro-cameras outside the plane and connect to huge TVs instead of using windows?

Plane manufactures Spike Aerospace have found out how to make a jet that goes faster than the speed of sound, just by removing windows and replacing them with huge TV screens. You might be thinking "Great, so instead of seeing the sky, I just see TOWIE?". You couldn't be more wrong. You can see the sky alright! This is done by a bunch of micro cameras attached to the plane that will livestream the outside world onto the screens of the jet!

But what is the point of this? Is this just another unnecessary novelty that we'll have no use for in a couple of years? Hell nah! The reason that Spike have done this is because it makes the plane lighter and more aerodynamic, plus Spike claim that it could fly from London to New York in 4 hours. However, if you hate nature and beautiful panoramic views of the sky, you can change your screen to have a different picture, say, a Spanish beach! Sadly, this plane won't be flying until 2018, and it will cost a helluva lot to travel on one!

What do you guys think? Are these TV screens necessary? Or do you like the idea of being able to look at a endangered animal while you fly? Tell us in the comments below!

Blue Screen Of Death? Psshh!

"We thought that people missed the old Red Ring Of Death, so we gave them something better!" ~~ Imaginary Xbox Spokesman

The new Xbox One update that's supposed the kickstart the turning of tables on the PS4 has many great features that have been added. You can now see how much memory your games are using, manage your download queue, use a USB keyboard with the Xbox and improved Kinect voice commands, plus much more. Oh yeah, and there's a new successor to the Red Ring Of Death: The Black Screen!

Prison Mike hates Xbox more than prison.
The update came out last Friday, and since then people have been reporting on many websites that when they turn on the Xbox One, a black screen comes up, instead of the usual green screen, and nothing happens. If this problem's affected you, Microsoft have stated that you should hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds and try again. If that doesn't work, go to, which should help you out. Apparently, Microsoft have found a fix for this problem, but we don't know when it'll come out. The next Xbox update is coming out on March 3rd (Because of Titanfall), but hopefully Miccy Mouse will roll out the fix before then.

What do you guys think? Will Microsoft solve this problem before March 3rd? Or will they leave unlucky Xbox owners wanting a fix for a long time? Tell us in the comments below!

Raucous Reviews: Warface Beta!

Let's get this elephant out of the room. Warface is NOT pay to win! Sure, there are microtransactions, but you can do well (And win!) any PVP or PVE match with the starting guns! Sure, the guns you can buy give you a (Tiny) advantage, but there's no way you'll go matches with barely any kills! It's pretty hard to earn the money to buy extra guns, equipment or armor, but it has an excellent renting system, so you can rent an item for a week, earn a bit more cash, then buy the item if you think it's worth it! Sure, you can pay with REAL money, but if you have common sense, DON'T.

There are two modes, the first being PVP. In PVP, there are 3 game types, Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Plant The Bomb. Sure, the game types are quite uninspired, but isn't it better playing for free than forking out £40 just for the new Call Of Duty game? There will be more modes in the actual Warface game, but these 3 modes are enough fun to not get bored of them. The maps aren't too big or small, and many different maps suit different classes (More on that later.), so there's quite a lot of variety in games, and the gameplay is a great mix of Titanfall's fast paced gameplay and Battlefield's team-based combat. Also, there are certain high walls on maps where two teammates can help each other up the wall, gaining both of them points, so there's a good sense of teamwork as well as individual ability.

The PVE mode is the gem of the game though, as there are 3 co-op missions that are changed every day. You can team up with up to 5 players and fight Blackwood as the freedom fighting team know as Warface. This has kept me playing the beta everyday, and will no doubt keep me hooked for even longer when the actual game comes out. The missions are simple: kill all the Blackwood soldiers in the area! There are easy, medium and hard levels every day, so PVE could keep you amused for a long time. Also, there are tutorial levels for each class, so new players can get straight into the game!

Next up are the classes! There are 4 different classes, Medic, Engineer, Rifleman and Sniper, all with their own strengths and weakness:
  • Riflemen carry assault rifles, and are are the ammo suppliers of the game. They are best on medium sized maps, and are the best all-round class in the game. 
  • Medics carry shotguns, and are best for close range combat. They have health packs to heal teammates and defibrillators to revive teammates, but nobody seems to wait for a revival, so the defibrillators are technically useless.
  • Snipers carry (Surprise!) sniper rifles and are best at long range combat. They don't have any special equipment, but their rifles are much more powerful than any gun.
  • Engineers carry SMGs, and carry armor packs that can restore teammates armor. They can also lay claymores and are able to detonate explosives in PVE much quicker than other classes. They are best at medium range combat.
The graphics are great looking, something Crytek are famous for, and there is no lag or framerate drops. Sure, there are quite a lot of glitches, but this is a beta, and most of the glitches are funny! The servers are well kept, and the community is great, but if you live in the UK, don't expect to get into any games until the evenings, as there aren't many UK players, so you'll have to wait until people for other countries come on the beta.

The Verdict!
Warface is a well constructed game. Sure, it lacks creativity here and there, but the fact that it isn't pay to win makes the game have a much bigger audience, so you'll have lots of people to play with when the game comes out. The PVP is great fun and is really competitive, and the PVE could entertain you for days, with 3 great missions to play every day. The classes are well balanced, and there are no server issues, so Warface really looks like a promising game!

PVE is endless fun                                                                               
                                                                                                                       Lacks creativity
It's not pay to win
                                                                                                                       Small audience 
Classes are balanced

You can join the Warface beta on Xbox 360 by signing up on the Xbox Home or the Warface website. Warface is also available on PC.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wayback Wednesday Cancelled For Today

Hi Guys,

I'm sorry to say this, but I won't be doing Wayback Wednesday today, as I'm not really feeling my best! Don't worry though, as there'll be an extra article tomorrow!

Thanks guys!


Glassholes, The Lot Of Them!

"Don't drink from your glass, don't read with your Glass!" ~~ Worst UK Car Safety slogan ever (I made it up!)

The 10,000 lucky people that are testing the new Google Glass have been told to be rude to people, or act weird in public. This was after one Glasshole, Cecilia Abade, was accused of watching TV on her Glass in her car after she was stopped for watching TV on a monitor. She wasn't guilty, but Google felt the need to tell people to keep an eye on their social aspects when they use Glass.

Google has said not to read long books or watch films sitting in public, because when you see someone staring into space, you immediately call the police because you think they're high. (Not their words.) Also, you shouldn't use Glass playing sports like boxing (Kind of obvious.) and if people come up to you and question you about the space age looking device on your face, 'play nice' with them and don't be aggressive to them. So basically common sense then.

What do you guys think? Is this advice necessary, since it's pretty much human etiquette? Or do you think people will really get caught up with Glass? Tell us in the comments below!

The Knights Of The Round Table Reformed In... East London?

"Hang on a minute, murdering is my job!" ~ Jack The Ripper

A new trailer of The Order: 1886 has been released, and there's not much gameplay, just a cutscene detailing what is happening in 1886, and the characters that you follow. First of all, The Order is a not modern-day version of The Round Table, and guess what? The characters are named after King Arthur's knights! Well, at least some of them, as I heard the names Galahad and Lafayette, so I'm guessing that the rest of the Order should be named after the others. However, I'm guessing Ready At Dawn are just going to make an anti-climax and call the other two members Morecambe and Wise or something like that.

Anyway, the reason the Order was formed was because there's been a war between humans and these Werewolf style monsters for 1000 years, so some skilled marksmen team up with each other to take these monsters down. And the Steampunk style guns? That's because the war has sped up the industrial revolution, so guns are more powerful laser-like.

Oh yeah, and there's a war in London between the rich and the poor. Wonderful.

You may be wondering about the gameplay, but all that was shown was a Galahad sliding into cover and shooting some monsters. Hopefully, this game will be different to over cover-shooters, otherwise this could just be another average game with all style and no substance.

What do you guys think? Does The Order look appealing to you? Or do you think it's nothing special? Tell us in the comments below!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

You Lose Tuesday: The War Z!

The War Z was supposed to be the next addictive PC game, where you and your friends would work together to survive the zombie apocalypse and have fun in the process. Unfortunately, the immediate reason this game sucks is because of Microtransactions. BLEURGH. But this gets even more sickly, because The War Z isn't even free, and if you don't want to wait 4 hours until you can respawn, then PAY UP. Seriously, I could just end this review right here, but for visual entertainment reasons, i will continue.

Hackers pretty much owned the game, and there were so many guns everywhere that it took away the challenge of the game. But the worst, worst part is that they didn't fulfill their promises that they talked about when they announced the game. There was no levelling system or skill system, so the game got stale after a couple of playthroughs, the servers only supported 50 players (64 in Battlefield!) and there were no private servers (Also in Battlefield.). Sure, they fixed these in updates, but if you promise features when the game is announced, surely you should implement them in the full game, or even delay the game! Late features is the reason that GTA Online hasn't been as popular as it should have been!

People also claimed that it plagiarized the DayZ mod for Arma 2, but seeing the state of the DayZ Alpha, I don't care about plagiarism, as long as I get a good multiplayer zombie sandbox game! Castleminer Z is better than these games combined! Also, The War Z was forced to change it's name to Infestation: Survival Stories, which sounds like a game were you're a Termite infesting a wooden house, but then the house is put into quarantine and you have to survive the gassing. No one take that idea!

And to top it all off, some people that worked on Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing developed this game too! You'd think they'd be hiding in Siberia or something like that...

So, for your microtransactions and unfulfilled promises, we don't salute you, The War Z, but instead we play State Of Decay, and pretend that the NPCs are real people.

Why'd you do it War Z?

"Everything's Coming Up Flood Hack!"

Once you download this app, you're cuts will be bone dry!

A crack team of app developers (Named Flood Hack.) have come together in Google HQ to tackle the flood problem in the UK, and they've come up with a lot of ideas. Only problem is, only people with Sony Xperias will be able to use them, as they're the only phones that don't die at the sight of water.

So far there have been 3 apps that have mostly been considered for use. Don't Panic lets you call for help and get information about the weather and other alerts, whenever you ask for it, Flood Feeder uses and Infographic style interface to present information for things like weather, warnings and transport delays or hindrances, because even when there's flooding, people still LOVE Infographics! Last of all, and my favorite, is the aptly named UKFloodAlerts, which gives you tons of information about things like power cuts and burst rivers.

What do you guys think? Will apps help people in the midst of floods? Or will this just become a novelty after a while? Tell us in the comments below!

How Irrational!

Just as the saying goes, quit while you're ahead and make many people sad in the process.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? The creators of Bioshock, Irrational Games, are shutting up shop because Ken Levine wants to create another game with a smaller team. So indie. This doesn't mean Bioshock is ending, it just means that Irrational won't develop it anymore, so their last Bioshock entry is Burial At Sea Part 2, which i'm thoroughly looking forward to. And the new developers of Bioshock? 2K Games!

I can't wait for Bioshock 2K3!

However, don't believe that the Bioshock series will be milked until it's as dry as The UK Office, as 2K developed the amazing Bioshock 2, so I can't wait to see what they'll come up with, and what new crazy world they will create. Oh yeah, and that Levine guy? He says that he'll start making more story driven games. This doesn't seem so bad after all!

What do you guys think? Will 2K carry on the amazing legacy of Bioshock well? Or will they lose it's BOOKER CATCH charm? Tell us in the comments below!

Monday, 17 February 2014


"I remember the days when we didn't read books. We were all much nicer!"

There's been a huge outcry over the Google Play Books store, because parents and newspapers alike have noticed that there can sometimes be 'adult' books right next to children's books, because anything can be used as innuendo in the modern world!

If you know what I mean!

Google can retaliate, because they do have age restrictions on whether you can use the Google Play store, but then again, the restriction is 13 years old, so it's quite out of order. I'm not saying raise the age limit, just make age limits on adult books! Sure, the store is made so that ANYONE can write a book and get money from it, but if that person happens to be a single 40-year-old teacher that's 'popular with the kids', i'd be quite concerned. I'm only talking about this because, inside, we're all an overprotective parent, even if I'm a 13 year old that thinks he's older than he is.

What do you guys think? Do you think Google should only raise age restrictions for the Adult book section? Or should they raise the age limit for the whole store? Tell us in the comments below!

Flappy Exodus!

Well, finally Google and Apple agree on SOMETHING!

The two biggest companies in the app store business have decided to end the Flappy Dynasty once and for all by banning all Flappy Bird clones, which is what I've been waiting for! Sure, some people will be annoyed and sad, but this means that games which deserve the money can thrive!

Or sales in Windows Phones will go up by a huge amount.

It was first revealed that G & A were exiling the Flappy Generation when Flappy Dragon developer Ken Carpenter announced that his app was rejected because it was too similar to Flappy Bird, then the Flapgates opened, and many developers also claimed they had been rejected.

What do you guys think? Are you glad that the Flappy clones are gone? Or will you miss Flappy Hipster? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

End Of The Week Extravaganza: February 16th!

A anonymous Twitch user is streaming Pokemon Red on an emulator. Nothing special? Is there ever something special. This Twitch user happens to be an amazing programmer, and he's managed to make a formula that converts Twitch comments into commands for the game, so the commenters (Usually the worst kind of internet user, if you've seen the YouTube comments!) are actually playing the game! And if you think this is a bad idea, think again, as they managed to beat the 3rd Gym Leader in 4 hours!

OK, let me just get this straight. The Last Of Us: Left Behind is NOT a bad thing. The game is still amazing, and it's got the great storytelling, graphics and acting of the full game. The only bad thing about this amazing DLC is the price. $15 is how much the price is. If this add-on was particularly long, that would be OK. However, this is only a few hours long, but people will still buy it anyway. Great DLC, bad pricing.

The Titanfall Beta has been released. Excellent, it's great and people have been raving about it. If only people could play it. Now, I may be overexaggerating here, as I haven't participated in the beta, but I've heard many reports of people not being able to play in the Beta, and not just the open beta, but the closed one too. Somehow, they chose a certain amount of people to play in the beta, and they didn't buy enough servers.

Oh yeah, and it doesn't run on 1080p on the Xbox One.

"How About We Get The 520, And Push A 5 On The End!"

Hang on a minute, this looks exactly like the 520! Well, to be fair, all Nokia Lumias look the same.

The new budget Nokia Lumia 525 phone has come out, and it's not much of a change. Still, there are even more new colours to make your phone look like a 10 year olds plastic fake phone, but that's not the only thing that's changed. It's now got a new semi-meaty 1GB of RAM, which should be good enough to play most 3D games on. (There aren't many!)

It's got the great Nokia Smart Cam, basically Photoshop in a camera, and a lot of Nokia's HERE apps that connect you with the world around you. You've got HERE Maps, a colourful Google Maps, HERE Drive and the new HERE Transit, which helps you navigate through the discarded-cigarette covered world of public transport. Plus, you get a free 7GB of SkyDrive, along with the 8GB in the phone and microSD slot, and all the Microsoft Office that you could (But won't, ever.) want. Overall, it's just an update of the already great 520.

What do you guys think? Does Nokia need to make another budget phone? Or were you longing for a new wallet-healing mobile? Tell us in the comments below!

Bad Servers For Everyone!

Good and bad news for all Xbox One owners today! Good news: You can get into the Titanfall Beta now! Bad news: You own an Xbox One!
That's right, all owners of the TiVO.. Sorry, GAMES CONSOLE, will be able to get into the Titanfall Beta! Respawn Entertainment tweeted (in)appropriately that you could "Go ahead and crush those servers.". It's good to know that Respawn have confidence in themselves!
I think they only meant to say this because they just wanted to see how the servers coped under heavy demand, so they can know whether they have a SimCity sized problem on their hands or not. Also, Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) said that an open PC Beta would come soon, so the "Master Race" aren't going to be left out. It's good that they've decided to release an open beta now, as that means they'll have a good month to buy more servers and make improvements.
Those poor, poor people on eBay that actually BOUGHT those codes...
What do you guys think? Will the servers be able to survive such a popular beta? Or will they be crushed? Tell us in the comments below!

Anytime Reviews: Guacamelee!

Oh, muy macho seƱor! Excellente, Excellente!

Guacamelee, developed by Drinkbox is a Mexican themed Metroid-vania side scrolling beat-em-up. You play as Juan, who acquires a magical luchadore mask about 10 minutes into the game and can travel through to the world of the living and the land of the not so living. The gameplay is smooth and responsive and the game gives you a good sense of progression, as you pick up new abilities regularly throughout the course of the game. It’s also got variety, with upper cuts, throws and combos galore. The writing is tongue-in-cheek greatness, and superbly silly, and the art style. Oh the art style. The art style is a smorgasbord of colours with a paper cut out style, and that too is humorous, with references to other games of the same type and pop culture (such as the Choozo statues and the Emperor’s New Groove inspired old man who transforms into a goat). They also modelled the whole game twice, as the living and dead realms have different art styles, with living being more realistic and dead being vibrant but macabre. Some things are also opposite in the dead world; snow falls upwards, so does rain, and water sometimes turns to lava. The day of the dead inspired enemies is reminiscent of the brilliant Grim Fandango and the music is catchy and perfectly fits with the Mexican theme.

What I don’t like about it is… I don’t really have anything to dislike. The fights get a little repetitive, but the variety of combos and challenging circumstances, as well as enemy types always keeps it interesting. I guess overall it’s a brilliant game, with an awesome art style, amazing gameplay and music and great writing.