Saturday, 15 February 2014

Saturday Spending Spree: 15th February!

My deal of the week this time is on the Zoostorm 7877-0430 Home PC, which is now only £319.99 on Amazon! It's got an Intel Dual Core i3, which makes the PC smooth and fast, a meaty 6GB of RAM, it comes with Windows 8.1, plus Skype and Microsoft Office 365, a crazy 2TB hard drive, and it comes with a USB connected mouse and keyboard, so there are no annoying wires! It looks good, and it should be able to handle most games with it's 6GB of RAM. Really, it's a great family and gaming PC for an amazing price! On with the deals!
P.S: There are now direct links to all websites!

Zoostorm 7877-0430 Home PC : Only £319.99 at Amazon!

Lexar 32GB JumpDrive S23 USB 3.0 Memory Stick: Only £13 at Amazon!

Anker Astro E4 Portable Phone Charger : Only £29.99 at Amazon!

Tesco Mobile Nokia Lumia 920 Black: Only £169.99 at Tesco Direct!

Samsung ST150F Smart Camera : Only £62.99 at Amazon!

Battlefield 4: Only £21.99 at GAME!

Wipeout 2048: £9.99 at GAME!

Logitech G710+ Gaming Keyboard: Only £94.99 at Amazon!

Roxio Game HD Capture Card for XONE, X360, PS3 and PC: Only £69.99 at ebuyer!

HMDX HX-P230BLA-EU Jam Wireless Portable Speaker: Only £18.65 at Amazon!

LG 22MN43D LED Monitor: Only £99 at Amazon!

Logitech MediaBoard Pro Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse: Only £22.43 at Scan!

Crucial CT480M500SSD1 480GB SSD : Only £194.03 at Amazon!

Hope these deals help you, and happy spending! But be careful, as prices may change!

Uh... Hello? We Use Google Already!

Yep, slow news day here!

Over the course of this year, thousands upon thousands of new domain names will be created, so now the internet will be more complicated! Over 1000 companies signed up to the .london domain name alone, which is weird, because literally EVERYONE types in what they're looking for on Google and, if they are new to the internet, Bing.

Seriously though, the only people I see that type the full address for any website are teachers, and then I just rip my hair out when I see it! Still though, how about we change our URL to That sounds catchy, right?

What do you guys think? Will this bring big changes to the way we use the internet? Or does this matter at all? Even better question: How slow is this news day?

Titanfall Tries To Emulate GTA V...

By not buying enough servers!

On February 13th, the Titanfall Beta was doing fine, as game journalists and personalities alike enjoyed the fluidity and entertainment of jump packing and wreaking havoc with robots. Then, the 2014 Valentines Day Massacre happened...

Massacre of the servers, not the players! Valentines day was the day when the Beta welcomed non-journalists, and these 'ravenous beasts' played the hell out of Titanfall, and the servers crashed. It definitely comes with no surprise, then, that EA were behind this! Sure, the Sim City server crash was kind of forgivable, because EA had no idea how many people would buy the game, but the fact that the Titanfall Beta had a limited amount of participants that were all chosen means that EA would be able to buy enough servers! But they didn't! And they blamed the not-at-all-loved Microsoft!

You know, there's a reason why EA has been voted the worst company in the world for a number of years now....

What do you guys think? Should EA (Or Microsoft.) have planned the Beta better? Or was this problem unavoidable? Tell us in the comments below!

Raucous Reviews: LocoCycle!

Welcome to Raucous Reviews, where Sam reviews the latest games in a not-so raucous fashion!

LocoCycle, which came out yesterday on the XBLA for Xbox 360, is an Action/Motorcycle On Steroids Simulator, where you control I.R.I.S, a robotic motorcycle made by a company called Big Arms. I.R.I.S is presented at a Big Arms event (Along with S.P.I.K.E, another robotic motorcycle.), but is struck by lightning, and sent to a mechanic, Pablo. Upon getting to the repair shop, I.R.I.S discovers that there is a motorcycle rally going on in SCOTTSBURG, INDIANA (Trust me, you'll hear that a lot.). I.R.I.S sets off on a journey from Nicaragua to Scottsburg, dragging poor Pablo behind her. On the way, Big Arms agents, and S.P.I.K.E, try to stop her.

Let's start off with a big point. This isn't a racing game. At not point are you racing against people, but in some levels you must get to a certain area before the time limit runs out. The objective of the levels is to kill all the enemies coming at you. There is no button to drive forward, as the game does that for you, so your abilities are easier to do and it makes the game less complicated. The turning is fluid and easy, and your other abilities are Nitro, Shooting and... Motorcycle Kung-Fu? That's right, you defeat many enemies by floating into the air, kicking the snot out of agents, and throwing Pablo around like a ninja throwing star. New enemies are introduced every level, but instead if varying the enemies, the levels put the same type of agent many times in a row, so it feels quite repetitive.

The game's difficulty is spot on, as the game felt easy enough, but I still died quite often. It took me about 5 hours to finish the game, which is decent for an arcade game. There are 5 Levels, all of which consist of 3 Missions, and there is also a final mission at the end. At the end of every Level, you fight S.P.I.KE in a different situation, but the fights are long and repetitve, and the Street-Fighter esque mission at the end of Level 5 was frustrating and confusing. However, this game is a helluva lot of fun, as there is so much over the top action, and the fact that you can push cars around like they're tin foil provides quite a bit of comedy! Not to mention the amazing upgrade system, which actually feels like it makes a difference, but it doesn't make the game too easy.

The graphics are OK, but it feels like this game should look a lot better, considering that this a next-gen game that should be pushing my 360 to the limits, but it looks like only I.R.I.S and Pablo were actually polished, as many other cars look quite low-res. However, Twisted Pixel distracts you from this, with explosions and a fast pace, which makes it OK. Then, there's the live action cut scenes. As soon as I heard about there being movie cut scenes, I thought they would be terribly grilled-cheesy (You'll get that if you play the game!). However, my thoughts were instantly reversed, as I discovered this game had SATIRE! My favorite type of comedy! Sure, it's got Twisted Pixel style Toilet-Humor, but these movies are expertly directed, and I was always looking forward to the next one! This game is master of comedy, and if you like adult and childish humor, this game will put a smile on your face.

There isn't much of a replayability factor, as there is nothing besides the campaign, but there are Leaderboards and Achievements, so this game could amuse you for a while, plus at the end of every mission, you are graded on your performance, so that adds a little challenge as well. After the campaign, you get your total score of the campaign in Credits, where you can find concept art, actor profiles, behind the scenes videos, avatar awards, and a lot of hidden comedy! There is a downloadable content menu, so Twisted Pixel might be planning some DLC, depending on the game's success. 

The Verdict
LocoCycle is the first game of it's kind since Carmageddon and Road Rash (Games of the 90s!) and it carries that torch with pride, and that it should. Sure, this game looks like a kid's game, but look between the lines, and Twisted Pixel have added in some excellent adult comedy, and there's some for the kids too! This game charms me so much, and whenever the amazing and well-thought out characters make a quip, in the game or in the mini-movies, it puts a smile on my face, and makes me love the game even more. It's action packed and definitely fun, but the repetitiveness and disappointing graphics ruin the game a little for me. However, for the good price of only £8 ($10), this is a great game to play for any fan of Twisted Pixel's older games, or fans of Carmageddon or Road Rash waiting for their fill of crazy action packed levels!

Score: 7/10
Great Live Action Cutscenes                                                            Repetitiveness
Full Of Comedy                                                                               Not Much Replayability 
Over The Top Action

A big thanks to Jay Stuckwisch for providing us with the review code!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Poll Results!

Yesterday, I asked you guys whether the PS4 having more games than the Xbox One would either sway you it towards buying a PS4, or still keep the odds even, as it's about the quality of the games, not the quantity. Well, 100% of you guys said that didn't matter how many games were being made, it's about how good the games are!

I my opinion, I agree with you guys, as both consoles have released some great games, and have some great games lined up, but purely for Titanfall, I feel swayed towards the Xbox One! However, it doesn't mean the upcoming PS4 games are throwaway rubbish, as some great games like Infamous: Second Son and (Hopefully!) Uncharted 4 are coming out! Make sure to vote in the next poll, as we love to hear what you guys think!

From Russia With Love...

Hi guys!

Our pals Mario and Sonic are at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games so I thought i would just tell you! Not really a review, just as it's Olympic season. Some of you may want to play this game ( No, you're not too old to play the game!). Well all your favorite Olympic Sports are able for you to play including bobsleigh, curling and ice skating. Personally it's just a copy of the Vancouver 2010 game but in Russia!

If you still have your Wii or have purchased the 'next gen' version, the Wii U, then I recommend getting this game or one of the earlier counterparts. Why? Because it's just good family fun and the ever addictive extreme sports are very fun to play. My favorite is Dream Snowboarding, as you can grind across bridges and jump up sky scrapers to beat your friends. I know if I ever have friends round and we're bored this, may come out the closet. 

Hope this was helpful and maybe you will pick up the game after reading as it's just fun right. I recommend trying to find a copy on eBay or Amazon, and i give this game a solid 8/10! Why ? Because it's just fun to play and is a good party game for all ages.

Now here's the Dream event ...

Top 5 Extreme Sports Games!

5. Amped 2!
Not many people know about this game, mainly because SSX was the main snowboarding game, but this game drew me in more. Sure, Amped kinda sucked, but the sequel was so much cooler and fun, plus it bettered everything from the first game! Normally, the soundtracks on Extreme Sports games are amazing, and Amped carries on that feature, plus the character making was the best I've ever seen before I played the WWE games!
4.Skate 2
This is the game that drew me into the skate series, because it was what skating's all about: using urban areas to skate in and do tricks, not just stay confined in a skate park. The soundtrack is amazing, and it had so many missions to do, and so many areas to explore and skate around, plus I just loved trying to injure myself!

3. Jet Set Radio Future
I loved this game mainly because roller blading seemed a much more agile, flexible sport than skating or snowboarding, because you didn't have a board weighing you down. It was just the right difficulty, and after the great story, there was plenty more to do, my favorite activity being Rival Battles. There was so much to unlock, even if some of it was worthless, and, the main reason i love this game, it had such a big city, with so many areas to get around and pull off tricks!

2. Tony Hawks Pro Skater
This was the only reason I played my PS1. I just loved how the missions didn't confine you, you just had to do a certain amount of tricks in your own time, and you won! This game was hard, but then again, I always wanted to get better at it, and pull off combos that lasted for ages. Unfortunately, Tony Hawk Ride completely ruined the franchise for me, so I switched to the skate series!

1. Skate 3
The Flick Sticks. The best control system for a skating game ever. There was so much fluidity to it, and it enabled you to do so much more than you could do in a Tony Hawk game. However, the best part of this game is the comedy. Sure, the skating and missions in the game are fun, but Conker's Bad Fur Day can take a walk as far as this game is concerned, because this game is funny without even trying. The Hall Of Meat mode is the funniest and most fun video game mode I've ever played, and just messing around with the object placer made funny situations and glitches that anyone would slap their knees at!

What do you guys think? Do these games deserve to be on this list? Or are there better extreme sports games? Tell us in the comments below!

Facebook: Now With More Genders!

Facebook used to be about Mark Zuckerberg (Male) trying to get a girlfriend (Female). Now, it's complicated.

Facebookers in the US can now have a different gender instead of male and female, but me being a 13 year old, don't expect me to know anything about it! Also, they've now introduced a new revolutionary change that lets you choose the pronoun that is put before your name! Yep, it's a slow news day at (Imaginary) Gadgets And Khajiits towers.

Now I won't really know or care much that these changes have been made, since i'm Male, but i understand that for some people this is a great thing for them, and makes them feel more accepted in the social network world! But by world, I mean every country that's called the United States Of America.

£40 For Titanfall? That's Ridiculously Cheap!

First Flappy Bird, now Titanfall?

After Titanfall Beta received universal praise from beta players and game journalists alike for its fluid gameplay and sense that you didn't need a Titan to win a game, or do well. The Beta got so much praise, that instead of actually USING the Beta code to play this amazing game, some people got green dollar signs in their eyes, a la Flappy Bird players, and decided to sell their code on eBay! You may think that this time (That's a lot of Ts!) people won't be so stupid, and only pay £20-40 for the code, but, humans being humans, they are bidding 4 FIGURES just to get the code!

Throw in the fact that the beta is running for a limited time, and maybe they could've just waited for Titanfall to come out in a month, and only pay £40 for the FULL GAME! So far, the highest price has been £3500, so now you can see why no one can be trusted with money. But me. GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY

What do you guys think? Is the code worth thousands of pounds, since it's a great game? Or is everyone on eBay stupid? Tell us in the comments below!

Poll Results!

Yesterday, I asked you guys whether GTA V would look and play amazing on an Oculus Rift, after the news that the Take-Two CEO praised the Rift, or whether there would be too many explosions, car crashes etc and you would end up feeling sick! Well, 100% of you said it would work and be awesome by immersing you in GTAs crazy world!

In my opinion, it would look amazing and be so much fun, as long as they made a first-person mod for GTA V and detailed the guns and the insides of cars so it would look better. Bring on the Rift!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Smart Robotic Game Piece for Physical & Digital Play!

Sure, it doesn't have a catchy name, but hear me out!

The Ozobot (As I shall call it!) is a smart robot that anyone can program to do anything they want, provided that it's on a tablet or phone! It's pretty much a video game controller, only tiny and easier to use! This is the latest push for getting kids to learn programming, as kids could not only complete interactive lessons on any subject, but also learn the basics of robot programming, similar to LEGO Mindstorms, but cheaper!

They're only an inch in diameter and height, but has still got style and substance! It looks streamlined, and can be as childish or as sleek as you want! It's got multicolored LEDs, has slow and fast speed settings, can make decisions by itself and has a quick charging battery! There will be 4 apps for it upon release, but many more will be made by different companies, so expect some amazing storytelling apps and learning apps for kids, so people of all ages will be pleased! So far there's OzoPath, a maze escape game, OzoDraw, where you, uhh.. you know, draw, OzoLuck, a game of chance that requires almost no input from you, as the independent thinking Ozobot decide your ending, and OzoRace, where you use physical racetracks!

You only need to fund $45 to get an Ozobot, while you'll also get a carrying case, some OzoRace racetracks and a USB charging cable! At the time of writing, 56% has been funded of it's $100,000 goal, and there are 15 days to go, so make sure to fund it! Here is the link to the website, and I hope you guys enjoyed this feature!

Have You Heard About Stella?

A pink bird that throws itself into pigs. Sure, that'll please the women.

Rovio have announced a new Angry Birds game, probably to get former Flappy Bird addicts their fill of dying birds. Now that I'm typing it, it doesn't sound right!

Anyway, this new game is called Angry Birds Stella, starring Stella (Previously 'Pink Bird') and her friends, as they fling themself out of slingshots to get back their stolen unborn babies. Seriously, Angry Birds is sounding a bit creepy now!

However, the developers noted that even though Stella is pink, she is still a fiery and fierce character and, since she's in the lead role, a natural leader and mentally strong. Rovio also said there would be interesting enemies, so maybe they felt they 'milked' the Green Pigs so much that a new enemy would be a good idea! Rovio have really been secretive about the new game, but last of all said that Stella would have to deal with problems regarding her friendships and her enemies! Sheesh, this is Rovio, not Telltale Games! However, the best part is....


What do you guys think? Will you be attracted to a more story driven Angry Birds? Or do you just want a simple mobile game to pass the time? Tell us in the comments below!

Xbox Doesn't Realize 1080p Exists

We got a double whammy of Titan-sized news today, as the screen resolutions for the Titanfall beta have been revealed for the Xbox One and PC. Guess which one is worse!

That's right, even console exclusive Titanfall (Still, it is the beta!) isn't running at 1080p! That's when you know that Xbox really doesn't get graphics! The beta will be running at the oddly-specific 792p, but don't get us wrong, it looks great! It's just weird how an exclusive looks worse than a cross platform game! (Battlefield 4, running at 900p) Playstation players can go all Pacino on Microsoft, as the PS4 has already produced 1080p games!

Of course, the PC Posse can laugh at the petty war between Miccy Mouse and Sony Pony, as their games have been running on 1080p for so long, that 8-Bit graphics is the new 1080p! Of course, PC Gamers will get their slice of Titanfall Beta filled with gooey 1080p, which is man-shootingly beautiful!

What do you guys think? Is 792p acceptable for a next gen game? Or are you expecting Titanfall to be 1080p when it's released? Tell us in the comments below!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wayback Wednesday: Rockstar North!

Rockstar North originally started out as DMA Design, made in 1988 in Scotland. They collaborated with Psygonosis to make a number of unimpressive 2D Shooters, until, in 1990, when they made Lemmings, which so successful it sold 20 million copies and spawned many yearly sequels. Eventually, Psygonosis left for Sony, and Rockstar were asked by Nintendo to make a game for the Nintendo 64. They created Body Harvest, pretty much their inspiration for their coveted GTA series, but since it was too violent, they handed it over to Midway, and started making the first Grand Theft Auto.
Grand Theft Auto was released for the PC in 2000, and many people said it was critically acclaimed, mainly for the ability to get into any car you wanted, and it's open world that you could explore. It was controversial, but that's what we love about it, right? Then, marketing hell happened. DMA was bought by Gremlin Interactive, but in turn Gremlin was bought by Infogrames, which complicated DMA's deal with Sony, so Infogrames sold DMA to Take-Two Interactive, and Sony's deal was changed to Rockstar Games. We didn't get that either! Later that decade, Grand Theft Auto 2 came out.
In 2001, the revolutionary Grand Theft Auto III came out, impressing everybody with it's 3D graphics, but also it's living, breathing open world and sense of story. Then, Rockstar bought DMA and changed their name to Rockstar North, and Sony signed a deal with Rockstar North to keep the game PS2 only. In 2002 GTA III came out for the PC, and the 80s Vibe-filled GTA Vice City came out to much critical acclaim, and then released GTAs III and Vice City for the Xbox, and everyone was happy! They then made Manhunt, probably the most violent game of all time, but we all know what happened next: GTA San Andreas, the perfect blend between Open World, Third Person Shooter and RPG, with an amazing story and great characters!
4 years later, GTA IV came out, bringing both an amazing story, and an internet meme, aka Roman's repeated asking "Cousin! You want to go Bowling?". Then DLCs The Lost And Damned (Meh) and The Ballad Of Gay Tony (OH MY GOD! SOOOO GOOD!) and finally, last year, the phenomenon that was GTA V! Purely for that, Rockstar North, we salute you!

Swtor Lowdown: UPDATE

Hi guys!
 If you're a SWTOR subscriber on March 18th then it's your lucky day! (Get it?) 

 You will receive a Speeder called the lucky 77 speeder and it looks really cool!

The sad part is that it isn't original, I have the exact one in red and it comes in other colours even, if you're not a sub. So I don't blame subs for feeling cheated as it practically is the same speeder with a different paint job. 

Hope this helps !

Joe :) 

Joe's View On The GAME BAFTAS

Hi guys!

I just wanted to say what games I want to win awards in the BAFTAS!
I have no idea what categories there are, but I would like to see Bioshock Infinite to get an award because it is an amazing game with a great story. 

Secondly, I would like (predictable) GTA5 for best game. Now personally I prefer Saints Row (What you gonna, do kill me?) but it was an amazing game and it's British. So I hope that picks up an award. 

Lastly I hope that Halo picks up an award as I really like the game and I'm all about the story. I think it's really good and deserves recognition.

Sadly, my fave game for the year is Contrast, which isn't getting any awards. I really recommend that you get the album because it is so good sadly it won't be getting an award. :( Seriously, I love this game and I will review it later. 

Hope these games win, but  who do you want to win? 
Tell us in the comments bellow 

Don't forget to check out SAMs predictions!

Sam's VG BAFTA Predictions!

These are my predictions for the Video Game BAFTAS! It's full of opinions, so OPINION ALERT! Did I mention OPINIONS?

Action And Adventure: Tomb Raider

Games Innovation: The Stanley Parable

Artistic Achievement: Bioshock Infinite

Mobile And Handheld: Tearaway

Audio Achievement: Battlefield 4

Multiplayer: Battlefield 4

Original Music: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Performer: Steven Ogg

Best Game: Grand Theft Auto V

Sports: Forza Motorsport 5

British Game: GTA V

Story: The Stanley Parable

Debut Game: The Stanley Parable

Strategy And Simulation: Papers, Please

Family: Tearaway

Game Design: GTA V

Craigslist: Not Just For Serial Kilers

That's right, this app is still newsworthy!

If people selling their phones with Flappy Bird installed isn't enough, then one man is actually renting his phone out to addicts! There is literally a black market for Flappy Bird now! American Jack Nelson was initially trying to sell his phone on eBay, but since the phone still had all his data, contacts and most importantly, Flappy Bird installed, eBay took his phone down, as they have been doing for the past couple of days. Nelson went from the most trustworthy community-selling site, to the the most untrustworthy....


Nelson is renting out his phone to Fladdicts (That's what I call 'em!) for $1 a minute, an extortionate that everyone will probably pay anyway. He said it's a cheaper alternative to buying a phone with the app pre-installed, but to be honest, it would cost $60 just to play it for an hour, without even being able to use the phone. When people pay, he will invite them to his house (Hugely creepy.), or Starbucks (Hugely Expensive) in Washington, so I'll be interested to hear about people coming all the way from Hawaii to play it, which I should imagine will probably happen!

What do you guys think? Will this try before you buy method work for Jack? Or will Fladdicts actually get some common sense and not stand for it? Tell us in the comments below!