Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday Spending Spree!

Like gaming with your friends late into the night in your attic, or streaming horror films down into your basement, but can't rely on a speedy connection? Well look no further, as our deal of the week is a pair of BT Broadband Extender 200s, for only £22.99! These little beauties plug into any socket, and instantly turns into a Wi Fi hotspot, so you can be actually talk to your friends over the internet, instead of hearing "Uh...Buh...HA" and whatever else you hear your friends say while under the influence of lag. And don't worry, you don't have to be on BT to further your Wi-Fi, so there's no reason to ever sign up for a BT Sports package and here Michael Owen butchering words again!

On with the deals!

Gran Turismo 6: Only £20 at Amazon!
Amazon Kindle: Only £60 at Amazon!
Batman Arkham Origins Wii U (With DLC pre-order inside): Only £20 at Zavvi!
JBL On Stage Micro III White Micro Speaker Dock: Only £24.50 at Tesco Direct!
Acer K10 DLP Pico Projector: Only £84 at Tesco Direct!
Verbatim 43942 32GB Netbook USB 2.0 Flash Drive: Only £13.31 at Amazon!
Sony Vaio Bluetooth Black Wireless Laser Mouse: Only £13.99 at Tesco Direct!
Samsung UE40F6100 40 Inch Full HD Freeview HD 3D LEDTV: Only £499.99 at Argos!
Nikon D5200 SLR Black 24.1MP Camera (Body Only): Only £399 at Tesco Direct!
T-Mobile Huawei E5332 PAYG: £25 at Tesco Mobile!
Canon Pixma MG3250 Printer: Only £39 at Currys!

Don't kill your wallet too much!

Vaio doesn't go, Sony wouldn't let her go to Lenovo, she got no self esteem and vertigo, but she think she's selling PCs!

Went all out on that title didn't I?

Sony have denied that they are thinking of selling their failing computer brand Vaio to Lenovo. As if Lenovo didn't ALREADY have enough! In my opinion, Sony must have a big project planned for Lenovo, or at least some other options, because selling to Lenovo would be a good opportunity to recoup their losses from the Vaio brand.

Sony's Vaios have never really sold much, or been critically acclaimed, mainly because of their high prices and their PC's being loaded with bloatware that was unnecessary (Just like all those useless apps on Samsung smartphones.). Their latest effort, the Sony Vaio Flip 13, however was given a 9/10 on Engadget, so maybe the tables have turned for the brand! First they dominated in games consoles, and now in Laptop-Tablets! Microsoft don't have much over Sony now!

I found out about this story at

Playstation NOW! (Heavy dubstep music ensues.)

Playstation Now, if you didn't already now, is a service that will be able to stream many different video games from all different Playstation platforms (Simpsons Hit And Run time!) to your PS4, PS3 and in the future, PS VITA and even Sony TVs! It's also the bane of any British users, as there are so many different accents in the UK that you don't know what the hell anyone's talking about. For Example, "Playstation NYE!", "Playstation NOO!" and "Playstation NAAH!". All in one country!

Anyway here's the real news: the Playstation Now Beta (Only for PS3 owners.) has had it's list of games leaked. In the beta alone, you can play father of the game with the most lens flare ever, First Person Shooter Killzone 3, should-be-creepy-but-isn't-becuase-it's-for-'kids' platformer Puppeteer, saddest game ever Shadow Of The Colossus, crudely drawn Brazilian adventure Papo & Yo, horseman-packed hack-n-slash hyphen-filled Darksiders 2, MUD MUD MUD MUD MUD MX vs ATV: Alive, tactical RPG game that i couldn't think of a punchline to Disgaea 4, please don't make me play this game Ninja Gaiden 3, and 3D Atari Breakout game Shatter. Not much then! Your turn Xbox. What was that? XBLA games from the original Xbox for only £20 a month? And we have to download them? Sounds great!

I found out about this at

PS PLUS PLZ! (Europe Edition!)

Sorry European readers! I accidentally put the U.S Playstation Plus February lineup instead of the European one! However, for the benefit of our U.S audience, I keep the original post up!

For PS4 users, you will still get Outlast! Here's an extract about it from my U.S post:
PS4 owners will get the trouser-browning, pants-wetting, Youtuber-screaming-instant-replaying horror game Outlast this February, or shall I say FABruary! Not for me obviously. And what better name for an insane asylum than Mount Massive! This amazing game has you investigating the asylum after reports of weird happenings going on round their, and inmates running rampant. Soon, you are locked in the Asylum, trying to find out how to escape, but also finding out how the mutant people living their got so ugly! Yeesh.

PS3 owners will get Metro: Last Light, and Bioshock Infinite! Metro Last Light is a superb horror game, so if you have a PS4 and a PS3, get ready for the creepiest night of your life! With an amazing setting, crazy-good graphics and quite a solid campaign, the only way Sony could've gone one better with this PS Plus deal is to add on The Last Of Us! Of course, Bioshock Infinite is the selling point of this month's PS Plus lineup, as it's won over 85 awards! It's a much better alternative to the repetitive shooting in any Call Of Battlefield game, and has some beautiful storytelling in it, with more emotions than you can shake a dog dying in The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode One game shaped stick at!

PS Vita owners will still get Modnation Racers: Road Trip, but instead of Street Fighter X Tekken, they will get Dynasty Warriors Next. Here's an extract about Modnation Racers from my U.S post!

Modnation Racers has great graphics and fun, innovative tracks, but unfortunately it has bad touch controls and too many menus and load times.

Dynasty Warriors Next is definitely the better game of the two, with fun hacking and slashing, but at the same time puzzling strategy. A great game to spend some time on!

Sorry about the reused extracts in this post, but it's really early and my brain isn't thinking straight! Expect some Anytime Reviews from Carlo about Bioshock Infinite and Metro: Last Light, and thanks for reading guys!


Friday, 31 January 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: TGIF Edition!

Hi guys Joe here with another SWTOR update! ;) Let's kick off this TGIF Edition and jump in! ;) 

The Bounty Contract week will return this month, so team up and take down those valuable bounties! Live the dream and embrace your inner Boba Fett!
Also update 2.6 is coming linking galactic star fighter to the ground game. With the Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint coming we can finally obliterate the Republic by conquering their shipyard! Let's kick some ass, Empire! Since the war is not going to well its nice to see the Empire finally do some damage!

Let's unleash this bad boy on the galaxy, and take back what's ours!

Well that's all that's happening in SWTOR, I hope to see you guys in a game on Tomb of Freedom Naad! Message aleura and you can join our guild!

See you on the battlefield! 

Joe ;) 

Joe's MMOS final showdown

Hi guys 

Today is the day where it's my final verdict on SWTOR! ;) Don't worry SWTOR is not going away as I have another feature on SWTOR news! Well let's get started! I think this game is really good for any Star Wars fan as it is the only fully voiced story MMO out there, with 6 stories that are all pretty good! My favorite story is the Imperial Agent! Ever wanted to be James Bond? Then that is your story! With British accents, glamour and assassinations, there's never a dull moment! It's simply a must play.

PVP now! In my opinion Hutt Ball is the best PVP map because it's fun and everyone has a fair shot at getting medals. With PVE the best story flashpoint is The Foundry. Remember Knights Of The Old Republic? Well Revans back! (At least for a while!) A close second would be the start of the Rakghoul Plague with Trouble in the Tion Hegemony. It's basically Left 4 Dead: Star Wars! (Very cool.) Out of 10, I would give this game an 8 for it's amazing Story and PVE but it lacks disappointingly on the PVP front, and to survive it needs to up its game as all the PVP players have moved on to Guild Wars. 

I highly recommend you check this game out and give it ago as it is free to play! If you need to decide a class, then check back all my previous posts to read the class info.

As I said the next game will be Warframe, but for more SWTOR, check out my other articles! ;) 

It's been grand, but I will be back with a new game soon, but in the meantime enjoy SWTOR! ;) 

The Imperial Agent Ship departs.....


Anytime Reviews: GTA V

Let the fanboys start raging.
Let’s start with the positive aspects; firstly, it improves on damn near every single aspect of IV. The gunplay is fluid, the driving no longer feels like you’re driving on ice, slipping and sliding all over the place. There’s also customization, which is very nice- it’s extensive and gives you a sense of personalisation. The map’s huge, I assume many of you have probably heard that it’s bigger than the size of GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption. You’ve also got 3 characters to play with: Franklin, Trevor and Michael all with special abilities (Slo-mo driving, invicibility and bullet time respectively). And GTA V’s got aspects from all of those games, IV’s next gen graphics, SA’s personalisation and RDR’s hunting and characterisation. We’ve also got one of the selling points of the game: heists, which are huge and elaborate. Oh and let’s not forget the oh-so entertaining online! Hop in with up to 16 friends wreck shop in this huge world. It’s a jack of all trades.
But really, I think that’s where its main flaw lies. It’s a jack of all trades, but master of none. Sure it’s got fluid gunplay and driving but it’s no uncharted or need for speed. It has got characterisation and a story but to be honest, they aren’t that memorable. Michaels the most forgettable, family issues aren’t very attention grabbing, Trevor is there for insanity and jokes, the sort of person that embodies what a stereotypical GTA player is like. Franklin, to me, is the most interesting one. He’s the one that moved on up and has the most intriguing arc out of all of them. The way he moves up from a two-bit gangster to a master heistsman (is that a word?) is really cool. But it doesn’t really focus on anybody til the end and the missions are just a series of random (yet wildly entertaining) nonsensical events. There’s also only a handful of heists (I expected more) and I actually, after finishing the game, got bored quite easily. There’s only a certain amount of time a man can handle running around mindlessly before he starts getting bored.
Nonetheless, it’s a great game, improving on all the flaws of the previous and rolling up all of the good features of past Rockstar games. It simply needs to focus on something. The online’s cool and all but it isn’t finished, but still, fun!


Top 5 Underrated Video Game Characters!

5. Isaac Clarke! (Dead Space Series)
Poor old Isaac. He's gone through all the horrors a man could experience (By HIMSELF!), and still people don't really like him because he doesn't have a personality, and the games he is in 'aren't scary enough'! You try experiencing what he has! Even though he doesn't talk much, if the games were in first person, people would be able to experience the stuff he's been through first hand, and when you're the guy wetting his pants, and hes the one not making a sound, it turns him from personality less normal guy to REAL hardass.

 4. Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot Series)
Coco is Crash's brother. She's rich, skilled with computers and can fix anything! She's just what I wanna be! Well, why is she so underrated? Because everyone thinks that computer hackers like her are either idiots of 10 year old kids that claim they can reset your Call Of Duty level back to 0. Well she's obviously not the latter, so that's everyone's first opinion. It's like Crash is that guy on vine who pushes his sister into a pool and breaks her phone. What a poop.

3. The Bastion Narrator! (Bastion)
"Then, the hero fell down a hole. Just kidding! Then, he went into a bar. He got killed by monsters. Just kidding!" The Bastion Narrator is loved by everyone and massively overrated. Just Kidding!

2. Yo-Yo! (Jet Set Series)
I have plenty of respect for Yo-Yo just for the bravery he has. He joined the GGs one day because he felt like it. He's always lying to the gang members to impress them, even though if one lie is revealed, he could be in danger! He tries to get to the top using whatever ways he can, and shouts WHO DA MAN every time he wins. He's got confidence! He even goes after the Golden Rhinos by himself. Nuff said! 

FACT: Did you know that all of the sentences in that paragraph started with 'he' except for the first and last?

1. Stryker! (Mortal Kombat Series)
Stryker is a really cool character, with an awesome outfit and a great moveset! One of my favorite moves of his is the Friendship move, where he pulls up a stop sign, and various characters come through. My favourite version of this move is the Nintendo 64 version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, where Kung Lao's dog pulls a red wagon with baby Sub-Zero, Sindel and Jax inside! That move has given me the advantage many a time, due to my friends slapping their knees, while I finish them off! But my favorite bit about him has to be his battle cry in MK 2011: "Police brutality, coming up!". Now that is satire!

What do you guys think? Are there any characters you think are more underrated and better? Do the characters in this list deserve to be in it? Tell me in the comments below!

Anytime Reviews!

Hi Guys!

A couple of days ago, I said that we had a new writer, Carlo! There was a bit of a delay, as we didn't know what he was going to write, but now we know! Every weekend, Carlo will write quite a long article called 'Anytime Reviews'. These could be reviews of new games, PS3 PS Plus games, or games he's played a long time and wants to review them now! We want to give you guys as much quality content as we can, so now you guys will get reviews! Not necessarily for new games (Though there will be some), but maybe for one that will convince to buy PS Plus, or make you rethink about a game you've missed out on in the past!

Thanks guys!


Motorola let go to Lenovo!


After the kinda success of the Moto G in the budget phone marketplace (My Grandad bought one. Good or Bad?) Motorola have been sold to Lenovo for £1.8 billion. The main reason is probably because, upon reviewing his purchase, my Grandad said "Motorola used to be quite bad. They still are.".  Good job Moto! And good job for my Grandad, for keeping the "Old people telling it like it is" stereotype.

However, despite thinking this is a good sale, it really ins't. Two years ago, Google bought Motorola off of Lenovo for £10 billion more than they sold it for yesterday. See, Lenovo aren't stupid. Lenovo probably bought Motorola so they could start making phones, as their sales of computers aren't going that well. Lenovo are now the worlds 3rd biggest phone making company! Last week Lenovo also bought server makers IBM, so they are obviously planning something big, or have just been taken over by a rich Sikh who thinks he's just bought an English football club. Lenovo aren't doing this out of desperation, they just had £3 billion spare and, like any little kid, went out to the shops and came back with a phone company!

PS PLUS PLZ! (US Edition)

Good news for all Playstation Plus members, as whatever console you own, you get an amazing game! Unfortunately for me, i'm an Xbox Live member, so I get the not nearly as good Games With Gold! I was really excited when they announced it, and then i just got depressed more and more. I mean, what better way to start a platform-selling promotion than by giving out a mediocre, cheap tower defense game for free! Such fun!

Anyways, here's the lineup!

PS4 owners will get the trouser-browning, pants-wetting, Youtuber-screaming-instant-replaying horror game Outlast this February, or shall I say FABruary! Not for me obviously. And what better name for an insane asylum than Mount Massive! This amazing game has you investigating the asylum after reports of weird happenings going on round their, and inmates running rampant. Soon, you are locked in the Asylum, trying to find out how to escape, but also finding out how the mutant people living their got so ugly! Yeesh.

PS3 owners get a hat trick of great games, with Post Apocalyptic survival-horror Metro Last Light, insanely fun crime-em-up Payday 2, and Frenchie fighter Remember Me! My pick of the bunch has gotta be Metro Last Light, as it's amazing setting and beautiful graphics really make you fall in love with the game, but at the same time making you damn it hell after all those sleepless nights where you've had to tie down Mr. Cuddles after suspecting he's possessed. Payday 2 is great fun with friends, but expect to be massively frustrated with the singleplayer and get kicked out of lots of games on multiplayer if you aren't a high enough level. Remember Me is your bog standard fighter, but the memory remix scenes are great! If only there were more...

On the PS Vita is Little Big Planet meets Mario Kart game Modnation Racers: Road Trip, and nostalgic fighter Street Fighter X Tekken. Modnation Racers has great graphics and fun, innovative tracks, but unfortunately it has bad touch controls and too many menus and load times. Street Fighter X Tekken is the pick of the couple, with fun, fluid fights, a cool Gem system that makes you try something different, and great new rosters!

I got this information from the Playstation Blog.

Expanding Horizons

Hi guys!

Me, Carlo and Joe have been talking about the future (Yes, it is early days!) and we have decided to make an action plan for the future! We're not getting ahead of ourselves and we will always put tons of passion into our posts, but we've made some goals!
If we can get to 5000 views, we will open up Facebook and Twitter pages!
If we get to 10000 views, we will open up a YouTube channel!

Thanks for helping us get to 400 views in 5 days! There will be giveaways and contests on the way soon!

Thanks guys!


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Joe's MMO'S 5th Sith!

Hi guys!

In this episode we will look at PVP in SPACE! Hope you brought a space suit, because we're about to take off into SWTOR's second expansion! First off, if you are a preferred status player or a sub than this would be live in the game now. So let's jump in!

There are lots of ships to choose from, at first you start with a Scout and a Strike Fighter, but you can purchase a gunship and soon to be Bomber with the fleet requisition you can earn from GS matches.

Above are ship designs for GS imperial strike fighter. 
The controls are using your mouse to fire and aim and the wasd keys to move side to side and forwards and backwards. The controls are quite easy to pick up, but the scout can be quite hard as it's very fast, so I recommend a slower ship to start with.

Above is a screenshot of the GS controls and imperial scout my favourite ship on the Imperial side. On the Republic side, my favorite is  the Strike Fighter with dual lasers as they are very cool when you want to engage in some classic dogfighting! The two maps are Kuat Messa and Kuat Atmosphere. 

Rather short article I know but it's relatively new to SWTOR so there isn't much to say!

Hope you enjoyed and comment below please check out my other SWTOR article and Sam's articles as well!

Joe ;)

Poll Results!

Yesterday, I asked you if you thought that the leaked images of Left 4 Dead 3 were going to lead to the game! Well, 100% of you said that it probably would lead to a game!

Well, I believe that a Left 4 Dead 2: Source 2.0 game will be released! Valve re released Half Life and Counter Strike on the Source engine to show it off, so I think it's another one of those! However, I really am hoping for Left 4 Dead 3, as I enjoyed the last two games SO much! Remember to vote in the newest poll, and comment on our posts, as we'd love to see what you think! Also, ping us a tweet to our accounts @Sam_Brooke9 and @josephrucklidge!

Kickstarting Thursday with Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is a Sandbox RPG (My favorite genre!) set in 1403, where you play as a young man whose family were killed, so he understandably wants to get revenge. Sounds pretty normal, right? Wrong, this isn't a Skyrim ripoff! There will be no fantasy, and everything, from armor to weapons, are historically accurate! There are classes, but they don't restrict how they grow your character, so if even if you are a Warrior, for example, you could still be good at stealing! You develop abilities based on your actions and what you say to other people, and there will a Walking Dead-style timer, so you have to think about what you say quickly! No quests are linear, and like the Hitman series, can be solved in different ways e.g all swords blazing, stealthy, things like that!

Armor is in layers, so you can mix and match different types, not just one type. Weapon classes include Daggers, Swords, Crossbows etc. There will be lots of action, with sieges, horse battles and huge wars all included. There are plenty of mini games, including potion making, weapon sharpening, and even alcohol making! Jack Daniels would be proud! You're character depends on eating or sleeping, and items like meat will perish eventually, so eat up! Also, the crime system is very smart! If you are caught you will be either tortured, fined or locked up, and if you aren't caught, villagers will get suspicious! All characters live and breath, and have daily routines, unlike old RPGs, where NPCs just stand around and wait for you to come to them!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is currently funded, but is trying to meet it's stretch goals! £600,000 will get the game a playable female character, and £700,000 will pay for accurate motion capture for the NPCs! At the time of writing, the game has £556,971 pledged, and only £15 nets you the game, plus access to the Official Forums and a Soldier badge to display on your forum account! Kingdom Come: Deliverance is expected to launch December 2015!

I found out all the information at and there are still 21 days of funding left, so get yourself a copy of this amazing looking game!

We don't talk about Flipboard here!

It's like Flipboard, but with uhhhhhhhhh... extra buttons?

Today Facebook introduced the not-at-all-like-Flipboard-why-would-you-even-say-that-psshhh 'Paper' app today, which lets you look a your social network posts from friends and family, while also looking at the latest news, tailored into catergories like Photography, Food , Science etc so you can have your own little news roundup to look up every morning without going ALL the way to the BBC News app and looking at stuff there.

You get two sections: Your Facebook News Feed, which shows off what your friends and family have posted, with imaginative posts such as 'Like for looks' and 'I'm so fat'. The second section lets you make your own page by selecting categories. From then on, news stories from big name publications to small blogs (Like this one!) will appear on your page!

One really cool feature I liked, though, was that if you tilted the screen when there was a panoramic picture displayed, you could see further to the left or further to the right! Pretty nifty! Paper will come out on iOS on February 3rd, so get your hands on an overpriced phone today!

I found out about this on Facebook!

And you get a Nintendo Character, and you get a Nintendo Character! Everyone gets a Nintendo Character!

Itsa me, a slightly racist Mario moving away!

As much as you think Mario could move to another company, that's taking the story way too far. A meeting was held in Tokyo to discuss how to solve Nintendo's current crisis. They came to a conclusion, President Satouro Iwata announced, that they going to license some of it's characters to other companies! Now, don't go thinking there'll be a bunch of roided up Mario FPS games where he has an American accent, or a Heavy Rain style game where Kirby thinks about his eating disorder, as Nintendo aren't going to license all of its characters. Everyone pray for Luigi.

Apparently they have talked to companies already, but don't expect a bunch of PS4 or Xbone games of Kid Icarus and all that to come out, as this may just mean different companies are working on the games, but still supporting the Wii U, because we know Nintendo are risk takers (3DS, anyone?) but they wouldn't be as stupid as to undermine their own console. I will now pray for Bethesda to make a Luigi  RPG game where he's in a world where Mario's are worshipped, and Luigi's shunned. Dark.

I found out about this at and @gibbogame on Twitter.

Paid Reviews?

Hi guys!

I have a question for you today. Since we want to deliver as much quality content as we can to you guys, we were pondering on whether to do paid reviews or not. See, if we did do paid reviews, we would always tell you that they were paid. We only thought of this, not for the money, but because we want to give you guys reviews, but with the money we have, we wouldn't be able to review very often. But since this site is dedicated to you, and I want you guys to be happy, we are going to let you guys decide! If you think it's unethical, tell us! If you think it's a good idea, tell us! You can tell us by leaving a comment below, or pinging @Sam_Brooke9 or @josephrucklidge a tweet telling us what you think! The deadline will be 18:00 this Sunday!

Thanks Guys!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

SWTOR Lowdown

Hi guys!

As I play SWTOR anyway, I thought I might as well bring you guys the news from the Old Republic since the review of SWTOR is quite popular! I thought I would write pieces on the game as well. Don't worry, Joe's MMOS will still continue! The next MMO will be Warframe as I have never tried it, so that should appear soon!

Well this week in swtor we saw the end to the Rakghoul event had just been on. T.H.O.R.N the Rakghoul killers sent players to Alderran to combat then Plague. Players descended underground to fight the Rakghouls and eliminate the Plague. 

Above the drill that will take you to the Rakghoul lair..........

Personally I found this event not as good as the original plague event on Tatooine. This was because first of all, we did not know about it if you were on Tatooine you were suddenly attacked by a  fleet or you found a crashed ship in the desert and found a new area. It was fun because it changed everyday as you had to explore the area. So a bit of a letdown for me but, I enjoyed it none the less.

Hope you liked this post comments are appreciated!


Wayback Wednesday: 2015 Inc. Edition!

Nope, this isn't a year. This is the gaming company that made the astounding Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Anyway, lets take a look at this now-dormant company. In 1997, Tom Kurdika created 2015 Inc in Tulsa, USA. For two years they developed an expansion pack for the PC game SiN, best known now for it's supremely catchy opening song (WHAT'S THE WORLD COME TOOO) and the fact that the terrible AI was massively taunted by Inside Gaming (James Willems, I'm looking at you!). The expansion pack was called Wages Of SiN, released in February 1999, adding new enemies ("I'm three days away from my pension, BLADE!), guns, locations, equipment, levels, deathmatches and Boss Battles. However, it wasn't reviewed by anyone, so it didn't really gain any publicity for 2015.

Then, the studio started making the classic that was Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault! Released in 2002 to much critical acclaim, it got a 91/100 on Metacritic, mainly praised for it amazing set pieces, amazing graphics, a fitting soundtrack, smart AI, well designed levels and insanely fun multiplayer. And the best part? Germans that spoke German! Such Surprise! Unfortunately, a group of staff left and formed Infinity Ward, the company that is to blame for dude shooters and the rise in 10 year olds insulting your mum. We live in grave times indeed.

After that loss, two years later, Men Of Valor was released in 2004 for the Xbox and PC. It averaged a 72 on Metacritic across two consoles, praised for it's graphics, but really it was average for it's time, as there were long load times, fuzzy sounds, average gameplay and not much lasting appeal. Since then, 2015 Inc has flown under the radar, and has released no games since. However, they still have a regularly updated website and are looking for mobile app developers, so a 2015 Inc mobile game could be on it's way!

Still, even if they never do release another game, Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault alone is enough for this company to be praised. We salute you 2015 Inc, and may you release another amazing game in that year!

Gears Of War Poll Results!

Yesterday, I asked everyone whether they would buy the new Gears Of War, now that it's switched developers. Well, 100% of you said that it didn't matter who the developers were, you would only buy the game if you liked the look of it once the trailers came out!

In my opinion, I was never a big fan of the franchise. My favorite game in the series is Gears Of War 2, but in my opinion, I will only buy the next game if it massively revamps everything in the game, as Judgement just felt stale. As always, I love to hear what you guys think, so remember to vote in the new poll and share your thoughts on our posts!


Hi guys!

In today's issue we will be covering PVP in SWTOR! In this edition I will cover ground PVP, and next issue will be space PVP, and then I will be onto PVEm before my final verdict on the game! So, a question for you. What MMO do you want me to cover next?  Leave your comments below, and I'll try it out! ;)

Well, in SWTOR, PVP is split into Ranked and Unranked PVP. When competing in Unranked matches, you are split into bolstered groups. The tiers are levels 10-29, 30-54, and 55.  PVP is a great way to level up, and is fun as well! There are certain specs for high end PVP and, depending on your class, you can find them on the web. My review of PVP is that it is very similar to other games, but lacks considerably compared to PVE. I hope the PVP is soon is updated, for a better experience. 

With ranked PVP, it was originally 8v8 deathmatches, but has been changed to 4v4 deathmatches. As fun as they are, it can be repetitive after a while and, depending on class, can be unbalanced. 

If you like PVP, than give this game a go! It's worth trying and if you're good at PVP than you can DOMINATE in matches!

Personally I find 8v8 more enjoyable, just because of the scale of it! The huge battles are much more epic and Star Warsy! (If that's a word!) I apologise that this has been such a short issue, but next time I have the enjoyment of reviewing PVP in space! 

Below is my favorite PVP map, Hutt Ball! It's a huge version of American football meets ultimate fun time! It's simply just a great map and is insane fun!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this article and see you next time! Don't forget to read the other articles on the blog! ;) 

Joe ;)

You Can't Teach an old dog new tricks...

But you can teach them to a Bluebird! If you have a bunch of respected engineers of course.
The Bluebird was the first car to go over 150mph. Then it wasn't used for half a century. Now, engineers have brought it back to life in Hampshire! Around 200 people came to watch the Bluebird splutter into life. It used to sing, but it caught a fever. HA. HA. I need to make more effort.

However, the fever was actually Lion Fever, as the car  roared back to life! The audience were handed out earplugs, and for good reason, as the car's noise was louder than that of a Rolls Royce! The project to repair the record breaking car started in 2007, and now it's here! The engineers reported that the gearstick was very sticky and gearbox was very difficult!

Why Not Both, Playstation?


That's what many big nosed, pale white, spotty, big eyed gamers said after the PS4 didn't have backwards compatibility. However, PS1 and PS2 games are going to be available on the PS4! Now I can start playing Monsters Inc: Scare Island and other classics again! (Seriously, why did this not win GOTY?) However, there is one problem. No PS3 games! Surely it would be EASIER to make PS3 games compatible, with the upscaling and the improved graphics and the Jello Puddin' and the zibbity boppity zib zop.....

Sorry about that, just went on a Cosby trip, drunk too much Cos Syrup!

Listen, i'm really sorry about that. Anyway, PS1 and PS2 games will be downloadable games on the new console, plus.....  I've just been informed that PS3 games will run on the PS4 via a cloud service! All that Cos Syrup for nothing! However, this will mean that you will probably have to be online to play PS3 games, which shouldn't cause much of an outburst, because no one can survive a second without Wi-Fi, but it will because internet.

If there ever is an outburst, look at the picture below, and think about the fact that all the angry people probably have done this at some point.

Website Address Change!

Hi guys!

I found a spelling mistake in the URL, so the website is now I have set up a redirect just in case anyone accidentally types in the old address will be sent to the new one!

Thanks guys!

Sam :)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Joe's MMO's Three's a Charm!

Hi guys!

Hope you have seen the good stuff happening on the site! Make sure to check out or, for all the best SWTOR news and tips! In this issue I will show the Republic! (Good guys! ) Let me see your jazz hands! No? Ok then. Below are some of the Republic backgrounds! ;) 

First, the Trooper extract from! 

'For decades, the armed forces of the Galactic Republic defended their civilization against the seemingly unstoppable Sith Empire. Despite countless setbacks, the men and women of the Republic military never backed down until the Senate ordered them to do so. These brave souls remain ready and willing to lay their lives on the line today.' 

Now if you're a fan of the Mass Effect series than the female Trooper is only Commander Shepard! One of the things that drew me to the Trooper is it has a solid story, and if you want to serve with the legendary Havoc squad, than enlist in the Republic army today!

If you want a swashbuckling funny Jack Sparrow story that has wit and charm than this is for you! It's a very fun and entertaining story well worth your while! ;) 

Now the extract from! 

'Sometimes luck is more important than skill, but it never hurts to have both.
Lawlessness has become common in the wake of the devastating war between the Republic and Empire. Shifting political allegiances and marauding pirates have made independent space travel a dangerous enterprise. Cut off from traditional supply routes, entire star systems waver on the verge of collapse. An adventurous spirit who’s not afraid to break a few rules can make a handsome profit hauling cargo to these hotspots, but it requires fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster. Even then, the life of a Smuggler is always a gamble.'

Onto the Jedi! The 'Heroes' of our story, the Jedi Knight is the person we all wanted to be, hero of the Republic.If you want to be the Anakin of SWTOR than the Jedi General is for you! 
Extract from 

'A symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order—more than twenty-thousand years of protecting the Republic and keeping the peace across the galaxy. Though Jedi Knights have served as generals, guerilla fighters, and warriors for generations, their legendary combat prowess faces its greatest test during this age.' 

If you are the Kenobi of SWTOR, the Jedi Consular is for you! This Jedi can get down and dirty. This is my newest class on the Republic side, and being early on the story, I don't have and opinion of it yet, so I will leave that to you!
Extract form

'For more than 20,000 years, the Jedi Order has worked to promote peace and balance in the Galactic Republic, but each new day brings with it a new threat, promising to rip the Jedi and the entire galaxy apart. If the Republic is to survive, it needs leaders and visionaries; it needs the Jedi Consular.'

Above a picture of the Jedi Consular, a little something for you to think about!

Have fun! Check out SWTOR and, of course, all the great stuff on this Blog! 
Next issue I will talk about PVP in this game! ;) 

See ya!

Joe ;) 

Website Recommendation!

Hi guys!

If any of you are passionate or are fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, do I have the website for you! Read by our own Joe of Joe's MMOs, it's the ultimate SWTOR website, giving you great tips on the game, and great chat, banter and news stories! Run by the great Dierdre Hollis, this website also has a great podcast, so be sure to check it out!

That website is

Thanks guys!

Poll Results!

After the events of Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor pretty much copying Assassin's Creed, I asked what you guys thought! 75% of you thought that the game was too much like Assassin's Creed, and 25% of you thought that they were just taking ideas and bettering them!
In my opinion, the game is too much like Assassin's Creed, as even the rope is the same texture as the Assassin's Creed rope
The new poll is up and, as always, I love to hear what you guys think!
Thanks so much guys!

You Lose Tuesday: Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing!

Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing is simply one of the WORST games of all time. I have had the nightmare of playing it, and had nightmares after! Lets talk about it then. Well, first of all, you can drive on or off road, up 90 degree slopes and through buildings without any loss of speed, traction or collisions. You fall through bridges,and there are no boudaries. You only know when you're out of bounds when you've fallen into grey death. Hell, I've just created a really good catchphrase! I would copyright, but i can't find the button.

There are only 5 racetracks, and one 'crashes' the game! Hyuh Hyuh!When you complete a race, well, you know what i'm talking about...
Also, sometimes that screen would pop up as soon the race started!

But bless Stellar Stone's (The Developers) little hearts. They actually released a patch! First of all, the opposition trucks actually raced, but they stopped just before the finish line, so the races were still impossible to lose! The track that crashed the game was replaced with a reverse version of the first track, sound effects were added, and You're winner! was changed to YOU WIN! However, there were still no collisions or speed changes.

So for all of that, Big Rigs, YOU'RE WINNER of the January 28th edition of You Lose Tuesday!

Angry Birds Blows The Whistle!

How could you Rovio? Sure, you've made a game that's decreased people's productivity, created in app purchases, spawned overpriced merchandise....


Anyways, here comes the real bad news. US and British spies have found out a way to leak information from Angry Birds. We're not just talking about name, age, birthday, that sort of thing, but serious things like location! Guess who is behind this? The NSA! Guess who blew the whistle? Edward Snowden! Looks like pigs won't be flying for a long time! Snowden revealed that the NSA and the British GCH have been working together since 2007 to collect data from leaky apps like Angry Birds.

Also, they've gathered contacts, phone logs and location data from apps like Google Maps (Surprise!), Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, one of them LinkedIn, which could be potentially dangerous for companies. Snowden currently faces charges, but he's hidden somewhere in Russia. Safe and sound!

Sure, the governments want everyone to be safe, but come on! Can I not pop a couple of pigs on the train without being spied on!

Masculine Microsoft


That's how much Microsoft paid for Gears Of War or, as i like to call it, BUFF MASCULINITY STEROID GUN EXPLOSION WAR. One question everybody was thinking of at that moment was, Why? Judgement pretty much ruined the series, focusing on a Baird, some other steroid man who fights in a war with his steroid man friends. While a court case goes on. Hell, even the lawyer probably benchpressed Mars at some point in his life!

Taking the metal, 250 million kg laser reigns from Epic is BLACK TUSK STUDIOS! Still, however much i take the mick about the franchise, do remember that over $1 Billion was made up over the course of all four games. Even though some games like GTA V made billions like it's childs play, the fact that the Microsoft Mafia got the franchise for $100 million is a steal! With people like former Epic executive producer Rod Fergusson and former Microsoft GM Hanno Lemke in BLACK TUSK, don't think that this will a sucky reboot. Games like the new Tomb Raider have proved that terrible reboots are a thing of the past!

Oh yeah, and it'll be and Xbone exclusive.

Bet you didn't expect that!