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The Keigh Points of The Game Awards 2014

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First the VGAs, then the VGXs, now The Game Awards. Spike's award show has been chopped and changed over the years, and this year is no different: now set in front of a huge audience instead of a bricked basement, safe from a McHale of ill-placed puns and awkward silences, the only recognizable aspect of The Game Awards is the return of much loved (SARCASM) journalist (Don't kill me) Geoff Keighley. Although there were plenty of awards handed out, the real meat was in the announcements. Here are the best:

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

We've only seen tiny glimpses, but this 4 minute gameplay trailer seems to show that the new Zelda is more innovative and action-packed than ever. The biggest slice of info of this trailer is that Epona is returning for this next Zelda to help you explore the open world, with an auto-drive similiar to Far Cry 4 (Recent Example) or Shadow of the Colossus (Example to prove that I have studied - read: played - games).

There'll also be a first person mode, which is a series first and has probably been added to show off the beautiful world that the Wii U can render, and a cool new mechanic that slows down time whenever you vault or dismount Epona so Link can become a less bald and less boring Max Payne. The only problem I have with this new game is that the world map is on the GamePad which, although it might seem like a good idea on paper, is pretty mundane and tedious once the novelty wears off, but nevertheless it looks like a great addition to the Wii U next year.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is a game that's punching well above Hello Games' 6-person weight, but looks spectacular. There are more species of animals and plants, amazingly detailed worlds and now more structures to be shown off in this trailer, but the most noticeable aspect of this trailer is some instances of pop-in. Now, I'm not one to care much about graphics, but this makes me a little more skeptical about how No Man's Sky will operate. The 6 quintillion or whatever planets that are being rendered and randomly generated must take some toll on the rendering speed of objects, but we'll just have to wait until its release to see. Still, No Man's Sky looks like it could be a fantastic game, the question is whether Hello Games can handle any technical difficulties and glitches that may pop up (Or in. Once again, refrain from killing me)

The Witcher 3

There's a meta-mystery to be solved in this new Wild Hunt trailer: which person will Geralt team up with as the second playable character? The obvious choices would be either A) the black-haired man that Geralt is fighting with at the end of the trailer, or B) the blondie running through the forest, but my money is on the peasant at the beginning of the trailer with hair like James Buckley. Not too much info other than that, but the Witcher still looks damn good, and if the exploding action in the trailer is anything like the game, then we'll be in for a treat.

But please, just don't let it be the peasant.


Before, Bloodborne hadn't convinced me that it was innovative or fun enough to play, just like every game in the Souls series. Other than a gun and better graphics, what reason was there for me to get this game when it seemed like I'd played it before?

The answer is by adding 3 player co-op. Sure, Dark Souls had slight co-op, but it was quite a broken and average system. Any game with proper co-op is sure to entice me, and Bloodborne has done it. It seems like the perfect game to implement co-op into: it is designed to be hard, after all. The darker vibe and creepier setting is more than welcome after some pretty forgettable and boring worlds in the Souls games, and the fact that there's a flamethrower also helps.

Still, the jump scare in the trailer costed me a fine gingerbread latte, so I will be asking for a £3.20 discount once I've picked this up.

Still, for every game that is announced and every trailer released, there is always a lost, so today we shall honour the passing of the Keighley McHale partnership.

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They exposed Tim Schafer's marijuana ring, continually talked about Titanfall and nothing else every time an advert break was coming up, and put on the best video game award show in an ironic manner (Little did they know). Not even that staged photo could show the love that has been lost.

Any other announcements that you think deserve a place on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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