Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Sam's Top 5 Games of the Year!

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When it comes to games, I can be easily impressed: somehow I enjoyed Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Still, not too many games get me REALLY excited, so here are my top 5 games of 2014! Just so you can see whether your views align with mine, here's my profile: I'm a sucker for open-world games, I like weird simulators and no "joke" games like Goat Simulator or Air Control have ever impressed me. Good day.

5. EA Sports UFC
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I was a huge fan of the Fight Night games, but my only peeve was that no legs were used! Luckily, EA Sports UFC has proved the antidote for my irrational illness, as all body parts are welcome to kick/punch the stuffing out of each other! The submission system and the way the moves flow together is an astonishing feat and ensures that every match has a 50/50 outcome while being hugely fun, and the career mode is addictive. Still, the most striking (Don't hit me) thing about UFC is how detailed it looks, every bead of sweat and every bruise looks stunning. 

4. NBA 2K15
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Strap on your Jordans if you can afford 'em and buy yourself a copy of NBA 2K15, because it's possibly the best basketball game I've played (Bar NBA Jam). The MyCareer mode is a immersive and deep experience, with everything from hazing to the Rookie Draft all lovingly detailed. Just like UFC, NBA 2K15 looks stunning, and with so many teams licensed, 2K15 feels like the ultimate NBA game. Also, unlike FIFA 15, the multiplayer isn't broken!

3. The Wolf Among Us
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Technically, The Wolf Among Us was only fully finished this year, and also it's my list, so shut up. The aesthetics of Bigby's journey through Fabletown are so down-to-earth and intimate that it has such a cool feel to it, and his efforts to become liked while solving a series of murders make for a huge consideration point whenever there are decisions to be made. There are plenty of action sequences to get excited by, and many plot twists to surprise you, all sprinkled with plenty of dark humour and enigmatic characters. The only thing ugly about The Wolf Among Us is its society. And maybe Mr. Toad.

2. Strider
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There's something so loveable about Strider that I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the throwback to games of old. Maybe it's the over-the-top action. Strider just has so much to do, with its MetroidVania level design, huge amounts of upgrades and a helluva lot of secret content and concept art to unlock. The characters are passionately voiced, the boss fights are imaginative and always different, there are many enemy types to defeat, and the last fight on an elevator is one of the most stressful, yet one of the most fun fights I've had in games for a while. 

1. Far Cry 4
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Despite characters being wasted and an average story that doesn't hold many twists, Far Cry 4 makes up for it's narrative shortcomings in brute force and rambunctiousness. The world is full of activities and opportunities, the multiplayer mode full of improvised, organic fun, and the shops loaded with guns and gadgets aplenty. The missions may stop in Far Cry 4, but the fun only just gets going.

Stay tuned for Joe and Carlo's best games of the year!

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