Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Amiibonus

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I correctly predicted that Amiibos would be popular earlier this year, which makes me better than approximately 95% of physics in the world. Go figure.

Amiibos, Nintendo's interactive, Skylanders-esque money-grabs figurines, have become so popular that many have sold out, whether they're sold on Nintendo's official store or Amazon. The crazy thing is that many of these sold-out figures haven't even been released yet - even previously-niche characters like Shulk have been sold out, and won't come out until February 20th next year.

Thanks to the magic of social networking, kids can now bug their parents online to pre-order Amiibos now. Godammit technology.

There's a huge variety of reasons why Amiibos have been so popular. There's the possibility that Nintendo simply haven't anticipated the huge demand for them, or perhaps after the many messed-up Amiibos, Nintendo are trying to find out what's going wrong and fixing, delaying the manufacturing process. 

Still, there's the huge possibility that they're so popular in the Under 13ish market that they're simply selling out because of the huge hit that they are with kids. As a former child (debatable) collecting figures and physical things in games was amazing because of how tactile kids are. Still, I'm not saying that they're not popular among adults: Nintendo have cleverly locked special items in games behind Amiibos, meaning that they can entice more people to buy them. It's like what Bungie are doing with the Dark Below, except that Nintendo aren't committing a horrendous act of douchebaggery.

Of course, there's always the reason that people are just buying Amiibos, hoping that they get a defective figure so they can sell it for $25,000.

Have any of you bought Amiibos? If so, are they worth the money? Tell us in the comments!

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