Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Spectrum of Incentives

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If you were a 90s kid, you WON'T remember this!

Great news for everyone who doesn't say things such a "ResolutionGate", because a volley of retro games will now be playable thanks to Sir Clive Sinclair, AKA the British developer that isn't Peter Molyneux. Sinclair has launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund a new micro console called the ZX Spectrum Vega!

Sinclair and Retro Computers (A company Sinclair holds shares in) have asked for £100,000 to make the first 1000 Vegas, with each one costing under £100. Each Vega will come with 1000 games built in, with many more being free to download from the internet, plus 10% of each Vega sale will go towards Great Ormond Street Hospital. a children's hospital based in London.

This seems way too generous for a company that Rupert "IWILLSTEALYOURSOULANDYOURMONEY" Murdoch owns!

At the time of writing, the Vega is already 28% funded, with 60 days left, so it looks like it'll hit the target. If you want to be one of the first thousand people with one of these Vegas, you'll have to pay £100 (Plus £20 postage if you're outside the UK). So far, 246 of these have been claimed, so if you want a console that won't lead to thousands of microtransactions that you don't have to buy games for, open up your wallets and GIVE YOUR MONEY TO OVERLORD MURDOCH.


In other retro console startup news, you'll now be able to play your beloved Game Boy games in 1080p on your TV (Not that the pixels matter, of course) with the new Kickstarter hdmyboy, which is a module you install into your Game Boy that upscales it to 1080p and adds a new pallet of colours. If you (For some utterly stupid reason) got sick of the green shades of the Game Boy, you'll now be able to play your Pokemons and Tetrisisis in different colour modes!

An NES controller is also included to control the games with. hdmyboy currently has 16,943 Euros of its 65000 Euro goal funded at the time of writing, and one hdmyboy costs 125 Euros, which will arrive in March next year.

Which startup are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!

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