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Why WWE 2K15 Will Be The Game Of The Year

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Now, I know that WWE is fake. I don't even watch it. The show is the most dramatic, over-the-top thing I've ever seen.

Still, it's got more talent than the cast of Jersey Shore. Which is, incidentally, an easy feat to achieve.

Anyway, despite the bad subject matter, there's something about the WWE games that are so fun. Maybe it's the limitless creation tools to make movesets, finishers, arenas, wrestlers and icons. Maybe it's the no-holds-barred matches that are far more interesting than the real thing. Maybe it's time I stopped saying maybe. 

Read on to find out why WWE 2K15 will not only be the best WWE game of all time, but also the best game of the year.

It's Being Developed By Visual Concepts
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"But Sam" No one says, "VC made last year's WWE, and that wasn't the game of the year!" Not entirely. Yes, it did have the VC name, and they did take part in the development, but due to the liquidation of THQ, 2K14 was rushed to release. Now, the Californian developers have had a much longer development cycle, and seeing how they've propelled the NBA 2K series into superstardom, I'm sure they can do the same to the WWE name.

It Has Some Of The Best Creative Tools In Gaming
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You may think that is a bit of a stretch, but besides the likes of Project Spark and LittleBigPlanet (AKA games were you literally build the levels) WWE is one of the most customizable games out there. You can create entrances, arenas, storylines, wrestlers, movesets and finishers all in the game with extensive and detailed tools. The game is even better when combined with...

WWE Universe
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Definitely the greatest mode in any WWE game so far (More about its competition later) WWE Universe sets up the matches, storylines, teams and rivalries, ready to play out or simply simulate, just like watching the show! You can do this with the already huge roster, or (As I prefer) make your own universe filled with your own characters and see what happens! Still, a new mode has risen to compete against WWE Universe, and that is...

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The much-loved NBA mode will be making an appearance in WWE, where you can either create your own young upstart or use an existing wrestler, then rise up the ranks from the Performance Center all the way to pitting yourself against the best in the business. Expect a deep mode with tons of little titbits and details that make the mode just that more realistic (If realistic is a word you can use in conjunction with WWE)

So that's all for my opinion piece on why WWE 2K15 will be the best game of the year, if you have any views (Undoubtedly disagreement) then voice them in the comments! 

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