Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Future of Gadgets and Khajiits

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I'm aware that I maybe haven't been posting as much as should have, and I've discovered the reason: at some point in the year I started treating this blog as a business instead of a hobby. Trying to branch out into YouTube and other formats has turned this blog into work, rather than fun, and after working at school and doing homework, there are times when I don't want to post. That shouldn't be my attitude, so I'd like to say sorry if the blog has been in a lull lately, but also a thank you to anyone who's stuck around, it really means a lot.

So I've come up with a solution that makes this blog fun, and is a win-win for us at the blog and anyone reading it: just sticking to writing, not branching out into YouTube or podcasts or any other media. Don't get me wrong: I'd love to do YouTube and podcasts as long as people watched and listened to them, but stretching myself that thin is a stupid idea when I still have schoolwork to do. The whole reason I started this blog was to get a taste of having to test the temperature of the internet every day, write thoughtful and entertaining articles every day and reviewing games, because if you already haven't guessed, I want to be a gaming journalist. But if I don't concentrate on school too, then I won't get the job because I won't have qualifications. I'm not a YouTuber that has all day to create videos, I'm short on time most days, so if I just write, you guys get (hopefully) entertaining articles every day, and I'll enjoy it.

Still, let's get out of that boring personal stuff and concentrate on my plans for the future. The way I see it, 2015 is a make or break year for us: we could tread water or we could knuckle down and chop and change. Next year, we'll try to do the latter, because we want this blog to get a thoughtful, fun-loving fanbase so we can interact more and get our names out there. Instead of just reviwing and previewing games that are our style, we'll go out of our comfort zones. We'll ask for more interviews with people in the industry (We have a couple lined up for this year!), We'll go to events and experience games there first hand, interviewing the devs. We'll hopefully organize more giveaways (Once again, we have one lined up this year).

However, the biggest change will be that, on our 1st anniversary in January, we'll be moving off of Blogspot and onto our own website. We've made a couple of friends ever since we've started the blog, so we may start a little network with them: no money involved, just guest posting on each other's sites, that type of thing.

Also, next year I hope to start a monthly/bi-monthly/whenever podcast. I want to do this because 1) It's easier than writing, 2) more entertaining and 3) requires no editing! Don't expect this anytime soon,but if we get the resources and some plans going then we may start one!

Anyways, that was just a little talk about how we're going to improve the blog in the future, and we're all looking forward to the next year. If you have any suggestions or comments, tell us below, and thank you all so much for being so patient and cool. 

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