Saturday, 1 November 2014


Hi guys!

Lots of things on the agenda today that will affect the blog a little, but I'm sure they're all positive!

1. All "organized" features like Top 5 Fridays will all be cancelled. There are some days I can do features and some days I can't, so I'm going to make features more flexible and varied, because variety is always key and organized features get stale and I run out of ideas. As well as reviews, previews and opinion pieces, I'm trying to get lots of interviews lined up with developers for big and small games alike, so look out for those.

2. Our CMTS Gaming YouTube channel is no more. It was only a short stint, but the fact that good quality tech for recording cost a lot combined with me stretching myself too thin across all appendages of the Gadgets and Khajiits "empire" means that I just can't do it anymore. It might return in a couple of years, but who wants to watch a teenager with bad editing skills play games?

3. We've got a competition soon! Thanks to the amazing guys at Wired Productions, who are publishing the upcoming Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops game, we'll be giving out 4 Let's Fish! Hooked On T-Shirts and 4 PS VITA codes for the game! Once I've recieved the shirts, I'll announce the details and give you all the heads up!

Once again, thanks for reading this blog! The reason I make so many changes are because I want to make the website the best it can be, and not changing anything means the blog stays stale and boring.


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