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Quickie Reviews: Tennis In The Face

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Tennis In The Face is a game about disgraced tennis player Pete Pegassi, who became addicted to an energy drink known as Explodz. Said drink has turned everyone in the city into crazy (Sound familiar?) clowns, and Pete's got to defeat those clowns, along with the clowns at Explodz Inc. All of this is described in 30 seconds, and that's all the story you'll get.

Still, TITF is a mobile port, so I wasn't expecting much in terms narrative, but despite the numerous amount of levels, TITF fails to justify it's price tag and it's listing on the PS4 store. The gameplay consists of a modified Angry-Birds esque system (With less physics)  that requires you to hit balls at the clowns, defeating them in the process. Although it's nothing new, I have to credit 10tons, as it does work, but it's not as addictive as the other games it's created.

There are 100s of levels, but nearer to the end the levels become stale, and that's due to a lack of unlockable abilities. There's nothing to entice you to beat the game other than the fact that you can. It's a predictable ending, and the humor isn't really there, despite what the description says.

Still, the comic-style art is nice to look at, but a lot of it is rehashed. There aren't many different enemies, and eventually, because of the repetitive gameplay, you just won't notice it anymore.

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Sure, Tennis In The Face has it's positives: the gameplay is solid, the artstyle pleasing, but the trouble is for every positive, there's a negative cancelling it out. The mundane, repetitive and unvaried nature of the gameplay wears the appeal, and wears away at all other aspects of the game, too. Tennis In The Face is a way to pass the time, but there are far better and far cheaper options available.

A huge thanks to 10tons for the review code!

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