Thursday, 27 November 2014

Poll Results!

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Last week, I asked you all what game you were most looking forward to: GTA V on current-gen consoles, for its first-person mode, Far Cry 4, because elephant, or Dragon Age: Inquisition, because the thousands of character-creation sliders are able to create a monstrosity worse than any NBA 2K15 player. 

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Seriously, sign language for that is bleeding out of your eyes...

Well, 100% of you decided that GTA V was the best game of last week, which was pretty unexpected! Still, I can see why, as the opportunity to survey Los Santos in first-person with updated graphics and usually PC-exclusive settings is an enticing one.

Still, my heart lies with Far Cry 4, but then again I'm hugely biased because it's been the only game I've played since the review copy arrived the week before last. If you've read my star-studded review. you'll know that Kyrat is a huge (Yet dense) playground to mess around in, and even though the world is full of organised activities, organic fun is the best kind. 

A new poll is up as I type this, so make sure to vote if you'd like to have your voice heard!

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