Friday, 7 November 2014

Mass Effect 4: NEW Concept Art!

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Today has been the first bit of Mass Effect 4 news since the trailer at E3, so to remember this occasion I have decided to launch a new column to keep all you Bioware fans up to date! Without further ado, here is the art!

BioWare has shown new concept images from Mass Effect 4, including the homeworlds of two new alien species. Even though the actual species have not been shown, BioWare stated, in their livestream yesterday, that much could be inferred from the look of their home planets.

The first design reminds me of the planet that the Normandy crashed on at the end of ME3, so maybe ME4 will be a sequel detailing the events after the crash.
Image from
This world looks hostile, mad, almost post apocalyptic. Perhaps the Husk have overrun it? 
Image from
This area below looks very barren and deserted with a tense, edgy feel to it. Since we can see a planet in the background, perhaps this is a moon?
Image from
Personally this is my favourite image, it looks very similar to a rebuilt Citadel or at least has the same architecture as the original Citadel. Who knows, maybe the Reapers were very good architects?
Image from
BioWare concluded with images of a new map interface and a picture of what looks like a space station. Whatever these photos depict, I can safely say that I am excited for more details in the future!
Image from
Image from

Bioware also stated on their official Blog some news that could hint to how the plot of Mass Effect 4 will turn out. Mac Walters said this: "With Shepard, you arrived on the scene as a hero, and you were called forward from there. For the next Mass Effect, however, we've been looking at more of a hero's journey: how you become a legend and what it takes to get there."
Personally I am really looking forward to Mass Effect 4 and I'm sure what ever they do it will be better than the original ending for ME3, right? 

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