Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dark Sales 2

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I've been using a lot of sale-based puns lately. Please, don't leave.

In a press release sent to me by Namco Bandai, it's been announced that Dark Souls 2 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One in a remastered state, packaged with its 3 crown-chasing DLC packs. This is pretty much a new remastered game record, as Dark Souls 2 came out back in March. Eat your heart out, GTA V!

Still, just like it's Rockstar-raised remake brethren, it will come with some extra content in the form of new events and a new character, but the strange thing is that it's also being released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, all consoles that the game was launched on. If you're a die-hard Dark Souls masochist who wants the extra bits of content, you'll have to buy the game all over again, even if you've already bought it AND its season pass.

So this piece of news raises the question: are remastered editions of games becoming too commonplace? I, for one, don't agree, but I can see why people would: they usually are never discounted or made free to the people that played the original game, and sometimes they don't even look HD: they're just straight ports that have HD slapped on the box. Slap on your tin hats, PS2-Xbox-era gamers, because developers are willing to use their nostalgia-rays for more sales and more money.

Oh, I forgot: developers want your money. How evil!

Still, I don't think that remastered editions are bad, and here's why: they let people who are new to gaming or people that haven't had the chance to play a certain game before (Whether it's Grim Fandango or E.T. I pity the fool that hasn't played the latter) to experience a version of it that's even more polished than before. If you don't agree with HD remakes, don't buy 'em! Natural selection will do its work.

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The average 90s kid.

What do you think? Are you glad to see Dark Souls 2 gracing other platforms? Tell us in the comments!

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