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Anytime Review: Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops

Get 'em! *shoots*...that went rather quick

Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is nothing like the war games of today, what with their 'realistic simulations' and 'revolutionary gameplay'. This is a mans game, where you control a squad of mini bobble-head looking soldiers as they shoot and explode their way through different cartoony war-zones. Super manly, right? Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is a combination of the mobile games Tiny Troopers, and Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops, two mobile games that were free-to-play. Taking that fact into consideration, is this port of a free game worthy of its price tag?

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The graphics are alright, but not anything that revolutionary or special. The game is a port into the next-gen consoles, but it doesn't push the graphics to their limit at all; it simply looks like a bigger, smoother version of the mobile version, though that is what a remaster/port is supposed to do. Still, to be honest it looks quite charming and quite arcade-like, having a top-down view of the gameplay, but I just feel that there could have been more detail put into the backgrounds and the units, as they -in my opinion- look just like the mobile version.

The graphics are similar to the gameplay- it has a arcade like feel in that it is simplistic. The reason for this is that it is a twin stick shooter, only requiring you to press the occasional button for explosives or pausing. The squad you control moves via the left stick and shoots wherever you point the right, and partakes in a variety of mission types: extermination, escape, survival and escort, which are available in one of 3 difficulties. In some missions you are in a vehicle , which turns sections of the game into an on rails segment. On missions that are not in vehicles, the soldiers walk around killing bad guys and destroying the bad guys' buildings and tanks. Each mission took around 5 minutes-ish, so the whole thing felt really short. Using command points which are earned via mission completion, you are also able to purchase upgrades and skins for the default soldiers, as well as buy in-game consumables like rockets and airstrikes. Once you find medals in missions, they can be used to recruit special types of soldiers that are for one mission only which have special abilities eg. healing or having a gatling gun. There's also a zombie survival mode, but the map is really small and it got old fast.

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It gets quite repetitive, levels usually involving the same looking environments with just different objectives and increasing difficulty by increasing the enemies health, damage and amount of them. There's not really any incentive to play onwards as there is basically no story whatsoever, but it is meant to be played in short bursts, to just decrease the amount of boredom you currently have. Still, on PS4 you have to sit down and start the whole thing up which kind of makes it pointless as you have a plethora of other games which can entertain you for longer. I see the appeal in this being on the PS Vita more though, as that is portable and would be able to keep you occupied for a short span of time, and it is a cross-buy item meaning that if you own it on Vita you own it on PS4 (Or vice-versa)

Sadly, nobody has a Vita..

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All in all, Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is a good game, if you were to have it on a portable platform which it was in fact originally built for. It, like many other mobile ports I have played, is only suitable for portables, as they only give small chunks of entertainment that get very repetitive if they all get played in a big session. However, it is still a semi-enjoyable experience for the relatively cheap price.


Huge thanks to Wired Productions for the review copy!

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