Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Scores Below

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"A score below 7 is not acceptable Guardians, take the game back!" (Evil British Announcer)

Bungie have just announced an onslaught of information about Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below, which some say was deliberatley set up by the game to give more information about the Destiny universe. I tend to agree with those people. Anyways, the pack will be released on the 9th of December this year, and will cost an eye-watering £20 if bought a la carte, or is part of the £35 Expansion pass. It's going to have to contain a lot of juicy content if it wants to justify that price tag, especially when some people have been unimpressed with the content in the game generally.

Some people = Me.

There'll (Of course) be new weapons and gear, and the hard level cap will be increased to Level 32, which means even more grinding.

Jeez, am I hating on Destiny a little too hard here?


There'll also be a new Raid to complete titled the Temple of Crota (Or, as I like to call it, the Dimple on Scrota. I'm not immature!), which many of people (Including myself) have had a look at thanks to a clipping glitch, and a new Strike too, plus three new Story missions will be added, this time exploring the Hive species as they try to summon Crota, a god, to destroy humanity. Last of all, the PVP aspect will be improved with three new maps: The Cauldron is set on an old Hive ritual site, Skyshock takes place on Earth and contains vehicles, and Pantheon lies in the Black Garden on Venus. Overall, a pretty packed pack, with most of the gameplay coming from the inevitably long Raid.

But does all that content justify the price? Overall, despite my criticisms, I do rate Destiny as a pretty fun game, but most of that fun is organic, AKA not set up by the game. New missions and guns are always cool, but if the storytelling is anything like the main game's campaign, then all they'll amount to is more opportunities to kill aliens. Bungie have realised that, and plan to fix it with this DLC, but do we really have to pay £20 just to get what we expected in the first place?

What do you guys think? Will The Dark Below be worth the money? Tell us in the comments!

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