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Random Reviews: Schroedinger's Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark!

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The Overview

This game is full of fun laughs and cutesy particle monsters!

This game is a 2D platformer where you take control of Schroedinger's Cat to save a particle zoo from the escaped primitive particles. This game also combines colourful and interesting artwork as well as a classic arcade style of gameplay ,as well as a fully voice acted ass kicking purple cat.

The gameplay
As I said before, even if you don't understand physics, this game is a barrel of laughs. The witty humour fits perfectly with the game style and the point and click conversations. Also this game has multiple choices which leave room for replayability. Now, personally, I never skip conversations in games as I feel it is the most important part of the story but with this game you won't want to! The sarcastic humour is one of the strengths of the game!

I feel that the combat in this game could have been a bit more challenging as it was quite repetitive and dull at times. Also, this game's controls can be very annoying at times, almost making me want to scream because I could not change them and lead to me falling from platforms all the way to the bottom on multiple occasions (As you can tell I am a pro platformer) But thankfully after a few hours of playing you get used to them (kinda).

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In a nutshell 

The good 

Vibrant colours
Great comedic value even if you don't like physics 
The art and graphics are beautiful (if your device can run them) 

The bad 

Controls are annoying and aggravating
Lack of customization

The verdict 

All in all this was one of the funniest platformers I have played in a long time, the science based humour leaves you laughing your averaged sized brains out (joke intended). One of my favourite things about this game was the fact that each time you play, the levels re-design themselves which leads to an interesting replay, as well as nerdy physics references on each map. However this game could do with some better controls and a hint of customisation, such as outfits for the protagonist. Never the less, when I actually got into this game I rather enjoyed it; it's a good time killer if you want to play games that don't require a lot of focus. So I give this game a


Hope you enjoyed this review and see you next time! 
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A huge thanks to Bethany Aston from Team17 for the review copy!

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