Monday, 6 October 2014

Moving Home

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"Here at Mad Munki, we figured that the world was due another buggy, microtransaction-filled mess" (Neotopia's Kickstarter page)

After the news that long-serving virtual world and social game Playstation Home is having its one server (Hehe) taken down on the 31st of March next year, people have been wondering what might've been if things had gone better for the game. Some of those people are Mad Munki, a group of game industry veterans that have all worked on Playstation Home at some point, and they've submitted a Kickstarter for a new PS4 game in the style of PS Home called neotopia. 

They're asking for £250,000, which is a pretty big ask, and they've already made £16,521 at the time of writing. This new game promises "a cutting edge virtual world for PS4" and, judging by the fact that none of the backer rewards say anything about a copy of the game, it will be free as well. Still, it'll be powered by the new Unreal Engine 4, and as well as many of the features of Playstation Home, there'll also be a "Kudos" system, which lets you show your appreciation for items and other players and a variety of games and activities. What's intersting about this new game is that, since it'll be regularly updated and the developers need to make as much money as possible, players will be able to vote on what new content should be added, allowing for a player-driven experience.

Still, do we really need a new Playstation Home? If neotopia goes the way of the cash-guzzler and makes things barely playable without money, then it'll just be another average game for the console. What worries me about neotopia is that, on the Kickstarter pitch, the developers didn't talk much about what games and activities would be included, instead going on to talk about furniture, themes and the like. I'd hate to see these developers have their dreams crushed, but I think that £250,000 is a bit much to ask for when it concerns a genre people are skeptical about.

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