Friday, 10 October 2014

Indie Parryty

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 "We want to annoy as many devoted fans as possible, because..... *flatulent noise*" Phil Spencer, Never

Xbox news for Xbox One owners of the Xbox One today, as Phil Spencer, in a podcast with YouTubers The Inner Circle, has said that he will stand by his indie parity policy to make Xbox owners feel "first class". This policy prevents indie companies developing on the Xbox One from concentrating development on other consoles, meaning that, if an indie game is developed for Xbox One, it will be on Xbox One first. If the game has been developed for different platforms previously, then the Xbox One edition has to have some differences to other editions, so you can kinda see why his policy is controversial...

Spencer claims that it's not designed to hurt indie companies, but to help them develop for the Xbox One "when they just can't afford the time to get both [platforms] done.". Indie parity basically lends indie developers a hand, but asks for something back in return which, as an ideology, isn't a bad idea. However, making indie games better on Xbox One (Or just not on any other console) is controversial among consumers, as anyone who's bought a game on PS4 to then find out that an exclusive mode is only on the Xbox One edition will feel cheated by the developers.

Still, why can't Microsoft do this? It's all in the name of business! When the PS4 has so many indie games and so much success, why shouldn't Xbox have exclusive features or games? Why is Rise of the Tomb Raider being a timed exclusive for Xbox One an underhand tactic by Microsoft, when Nintendo and Playstation have their exclusives? Sure, it all depends on the situation, the history of the game and its fanbase, but exclusivity and exclusive items were never a problem before, so why now? It's just how Capitalism works.

What do you guys think? Are Microsoft right to have indie parity? Tell us in the comments below!

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