Monday, 1 September 2014

The Month Ahead: September 2014

5th: The Sims 4
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The main new feature in the sequel to the much loved and loathed franchise is that each Sim has a bigger personality, and the craziness is even crazier. Sims can die of laughter, go nuts at a party or just be plain douchey. Still, if you've seen what people have created with the Character Creation Demo, you'll pretty much know that you can make even more messed-up Sims than before, plus build them more detailed houses and easily share and receive community content in-game. STOP CHEERING, obviously-planted-by-EA Sims fans...

9th: Destiny
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If you haven't heard of Destiny, you must be a hermit hiding under a rock, so please turn yourself in to the police, your family is worried sick about you. Then play Destiny, because, despite wave after wave of disappointing announcements about features in the game, it's still shaping up to be a fine one. Tons of planets to explore, huge Raid missions to play and an array of vehicles to drive and customize means that Destiny should keep you busy for hours, so just remember to eat and go pee-pee, OK?

12th: NHL 15
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After playing the fun demo that I COULD ACTUALLY SCORE IN, I'm pretty excited for NHL 15. It looks great, the controls are easy to pick up and the Hockey Ultimate Team isn't actually broken, unlike it's FIFA counterpart. However, just like FIFA, the presentation is realistic and detailed, with tons of different crowd models, a commentary team and a ice-side reporter, plus all the nips and tucks of a TV broadcast. NHL 15 is stepping up to the plate. Wait, wrong sports metaphor.

19th: Wasteland 2
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The sequel of the age-old Wasteland, Wasteland 2 is set in post-apocalyptic 1998, where you're a group known as the Desert Rangers who go around helping survivors in need while killing the bad guys in turn-based battles. You can have up to 7 characters in your party, all with their own personalities and abilities, Maybe the nuclear apocalypse ain't so bad when you have all the weapons and ammo you could hope for with you.

30th: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
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