Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Gear... It's Evolving!

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The Gear VR: for when you have hundreds of pounds, but no cardboard.

Have you ever wondered, while playing on your Oculus Rift, "Elite Dangerous is great and all, but I wish there was a way to play terrible knockoffs in front of my face!". Well, you're in luck, as Samsung, at their Unpacked press event, have unveiled the GearVR, Oculus announced on their blog. Despite the Samsung name, Oculus is very much developing it, and the current editon, the Innovator edition designed for "developers and enthusiasts", will only be compatible with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was announced at IFA in Berlin today. According to TechRadar, the phone will pack a hefty 2.7Ghz processer, 3GB of RAM and a 500 pixels per inch screen, so it's a pretty powerful phone that will definitely get the job done.

But what are the advantages? Why should we buy a new phone and a headset if we could just make a Google Cardboard and download games for that? Well, the blog mentions 4 unique apps that the GearVR will have:

Oculus Home will be the OS and hub for the GearVR, letting you access all of your downloaded apps, as well as go to the Oculus Store.

Oculus Cinema will be a simulated cinema, where you can watch 2D and 3D movies, choosing the environment you are in and watching VR-specific films. 

Oculus 360 Videos lets you play panoramic and Oculus-compatible videos.

Oculus 360 Photos is the same, but with photos.

Still, this is just what Oculus is working on. What do you think will be the killer app for the GearVR, and will yu buy the Innovator edition? Tell us in the comments below!

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