Sunday, 21 September 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: Revan's Return!

Well a few weeks ago the newest edition to the Forged Alliances story arc went live with a new flashpoint: Rakata Prime! This flashpoint took us to the colorful world of Rakata Prime (A planet from KOTOR). As this was just another tactical flashpoint the boss fights were not that difficult but it was nice to see them adding some slightly different boss mechanics. Also this is one of my favorite flashpoints because it is so colorful.

This is definitely the best looking flashpoint they have made in a while. Most of the flashpoints have been very dull and gray. Also this is a very story heavy flashpoint which is good because it means I actually don't want to space bar through the whole thing. The next thing released by Bioware this week was the teaser for 3.0, the next digital expansion that should draw to a close the forged alliances story.

First of all I know it was only a teaser but it really only showed us what we already know. If you want to do a teaser trailer than actually tell us what we don't know! On the the other hand, I personally feel that the REVAN we see on this trailer is not the real Revan. Also considering that the second weapon Revan has is supposedly the Emperor's, then I think Revan is possessed, plus I am betting that the new planet is Yavin 4 as that temple looked pretty familiar! Do you have a view on Revan's return ? Tell us below ! 

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