Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sunset Underpriced

Image from gotgame.com
By next year, Microsoft will be giving us money!

Yet another price reduction has happened to the Xbox One to help it compete with the PS4. Eurogamer noticed that, on Microsoft's official page, the Xbox One has been listed for £329.99, meaning that it's now been reduced by £100 in the 10 months it's been on sale. Go people power! Anyways, the weird thing is that even the recently announced Sunset Overdrive bundle is priced at the same amount. I'm not sure if Phil Spencer knows this, but to be a successful company you have to make money.

Image from www.onenewspage.us
"In Sunset Overdrive, WE, YES WE, will be operating at a profit loss." (Ted Price, E3)

But the real question is why would Microsoft need to reduce the price again? Wouldn't that make buying it's poor, unloved Kinect 2 pointless if just getting the console is £70 cheaper? 

Well, the holiday season is coming up, so the Microsoft team seem like they're trying to project a better image of the Xbox One as it goes into its most important Christmas yet. If all goes well, this could be the time where the Xbox One matches, or even beats, holiday PS4 sales, and Miccy Mouse are going to pull out all the stops they can when it comes down to reclaiming lost ground: bundles, exclusives and partnerships with developers that give exclusive items to Xbox owners. That last one may not seem too important, but the majority of Destiny's sales were on PS4, and that's mostly down to how it was advertised as the best Destiny experience - even if it was an underwhelming one. (Famous last words)

Microsoft seem to have got a lot of developers on board to offer exclusive experiences for the Xbox One, with their latest purchase of Mojang, exclusives like Sunset Overdrive, The Master Chief Collection and Killer Instinct 2 plus the little things, like the Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15 bundles.

Of course, this price change might just be an accident, and I've just wasted 16 minutes of my life.

Who do you think will sell more during the Holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!


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