Saturday, 6 September 2014

Come On Kiddies, Put On Your Puppy Eyes!

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"Trick or Treat! Do you have those $19 million sweets?" (Silicon Valley, Halloween)

JUSTICE news today, as the Federal Trade Commission has forced Google to pay $19 million back to children who have accidentally bought in-app purchases (Cheers, Eurogamer). If you're one of the "lucky" people who's kids have blown tens and hundreds on microtransactions since they were inaugurated in 2011 (The darkest year of my life), then 1) you could be viable for a refund and 2) blame your kids for atrocities such as Dungeon Keeper.

OK, maybe not that last part. The whole reason he FTC have been enforcing laws and forcing companies like Apple and Google to refund money is because of how easy it is to pay for a microtransaction without knowing it. If a notice keeps popping up and you accidentally press it, then it's not your fault that you've spent that.

This follows the European Commission's announcement back in July when they enforced a law stating that no game could be marketable as "free" if it involved microtransactions, and Google responded by completely removing the free tag from all of it's games.

What do you guys think? Are enough actions being taken against in-app purchases? Or is it our fault if we don't be careful around apps? Tell us in the comments below! 

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