Monday, 1 September 2014

Best of Sony's Tokyo Game Show Conference!

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After a great Gamescom comeback following a boring and slow-paced E3 affair, Playstation promised to make 44 game announcements in this pre-TGS conference, which was a bold statement that was actually pretty-well lived up to. Sadly, as this is a Japanese conference, half of these games will either be launched in Europe and the US years later, or will never be lauynched in these territories after all. Still, on with the highlights!

Persona 5
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The only real things we knew about Persona 5 before this conference was that it was coming out for PS3 and that it was in the same school setting as the previous games. Well, thanks to another trailer, we now know two more! First up, P5 won't be last-gen only, as it's also coming to the PS4, and second, the release date has been pushed back to 2015, where it will launch in Japan and North America. Also in the trailer is people looking at other people. Please tell me that it's not a metaphor I'm not missing out on.

Everybody's Golf (PS4)
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After the amazing trailer that showcased EA's PGA Tour back at E3, I thought that the golf game market was too hardcore for me, but now Sony's putting it's own shizzle down in this booming bracket. The sequel to Everybody's Golf Vita, Everybody's Golf is coming to PS4 and will have an open-world to golf in. Once again, not very many details, but it's enough to excite some hardcore fans.

Dragon Quest Heroes
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Finally, after 10 long years, Dragon Quest is back on PS4! After it competed with Pokemon on the DS and other handhelds, Dragon Quest is coming back to it's home with Dragon Quest Heroes, coming out for PS4 and PS3! Rather than be the normal RPG the series has been known for, it will be a brawler in the style of Dyansty Warriors; think of it as Hyrule Warriors but with Dragon Quest instead. Still, the best part of this is that a Dragon Quest-themed PS4 was unveiled; a metal number that has a Slime-shaped cover for the USB ports. Hooray for Japan!

Resident Evils!
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Yup, the leak was true: Capcom came onto staged and announced Resident Evil Revelations 2, the sequel to the 3DS Revelations. Once again, Capcom was light on details, but we know that it's coming to Japan early next year, and will cast an entirely new set of characters and a new location, too. They also showcased a trailer for Resident Evil 1: Remastered, which is a remake of the Gamecube remake, not the original PS1 game. That'll be coming out for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in Early 2015 too, albeit on digital format only.

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Easily the best announcement of the night: the upcoming PS4 V2.0 update will include customization themes for your PS4 dashboard! Oh, the money I've wasted on those... Anyways, as well as static themes, there'll be dynamic ones too, like this Toro (Sony Japan's mascot) theme. Also in the 2.0 update come sthe Share Play feature and the new YouTube app!

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